Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baldwin Park's Middle Managers Have a Ferocious Sense of Entitlement

Michael Salas  Baldwin Park's Middle Management
Michael Salas's alter-ego Prissy Wendy Koopa

For once, I was trying to help improve the public relations of Baldwin Park by getting a newspaper article written about my boxing kids - who actually box and go to college. If you remember Lyle and Alex's article in the La Opinion here: Two Young Students Improve Their Scholarship With Boxing.

I was so grateful that the Spanish newspaper La Opinion wanted to write a story about Lyle and Alex. I know them both, and often times, when I write my letters to my boxers, I think of them. They've worked so hard and struggled their way to get into college - against all the odds. Baldwin Park is such a dump that US News says only 25% are competitive for college and that 70% of the students here don't even compare to other high school students.

La Opinion wanted to take pictures of Lyle and Alex boxing. So, they took it in the gym. At the time, the pro fighters the Zepeda brothers, their crew, and one of the boxing coaches was at the gym. Furthermore, other seniors are allowed in the gym.

The Zepeda brothers use of the gym is illegal by the way, and I've been pointing it out to the City over and over again. The reason is that they're a commercial outfit. In other ways, they make money, profit. And hence, their stealing city resources by using the gym for free. Why is it that they're allowed to use the gym for free and everybody else has to pay? I've been complaining about this point, over and over again, but when people legitimately use the gym, we get evicted.

So - Lyle and Alex were being interviewed for their story. The reason why is that La Opinion wanted to encourage Hispanic teenage males to do sports and pursue a high school education. Isn't that a worthy goal?

Well - not according to Baldwin Park's middle management - Michael Salas.

In hissy fitty mood, he asked a barrage of questions.Then an his outburst of rage, he told us: "ALL OF YOU HAVE TO GET OUT! TAKING PHOTOS IN HERE IS ILLEGAL!"

I asked him for the policy on why we needed permission and on photos.

He lied and said that it was in his office.

A subsequent records request stated there was no official policy. There was no official policy on photographs as well.

So - why did Michael Salas kick us all out of a public place for a good story that encourages our youth to go to college?

I'm a paying gym member! He can't kick me out. Why does he allow other people to use the gym illegally?

The property of the boxing club was paid for by the founders of In-N-Out to be entrusted to the City of Baldwin Park for the public's use. Therefore, it's not the City's property. It's entrusted to them. And I'm sure, the founder's wife, Esther Snyder (now deceased) wouldn't appreciate it that Baldwin Park kicked out some journalists and a paying boxing club member and some college kids for doing a story on the importance of college education.

I reported to the City Manager - who seems to have done nothing on the matter. Today, Michael Salas told me he had every right to kick us out because the gym is his. I mean - really this is incredible.

Salas has a history of poor performance and management. The Public Works Director, Daniel Wall, got so sick of him for screwing up and costing thousands of dollars of damage to machinery that Wall transferred Salas to the recreation program. I mean - why didn't they just fire the guy? They fired Julian on trumped up charges. But when it comes to firing people who are incompetent, they transfer people to work with children.

One reason that Mr. Salas was fired from Public Works is that he was abusing a part time worker by exposing him to hazardous waste and not giving him appropriate equipment. Wall, probably one of the few managers with commonsense, transferred Salas and promoted the young part time worker. Now Salas can abuse children.

Let's not forget that Mr. Salas is also a child abuser - who hired a criminal to work with the children. It was Rene Zepeda, Hey! The same Zepeda brother that gets to use the gym for free - while all of us have to pay. But for this - does Michael Salas get fired?

No, of course not. I believe he got a raise this year. Isn't this unbelievable? 

He denies making a $100,000 for sitting in his office, throwing tantrums, and acting like a princess. The police department constantly is asking for a raise. By eliminating his position, five police officers could get raises.

This article shows how upset I am at this administration and the way they treat guests and paying clients. We have to realize that when government employees behave this way, we really shouldn't have to listen to them anymore. People expect that the law applies to everyone fairly, that the government doesn't make up law as they go, and that members of the public are listened to. Is that too much to ask for?

In any event, Salas denies that he makes this much. I believe after you add up all his benefits, it does come close to $100,000. It's hard to tell my kids to work hard, be talents, and get a good education. It seems like you get more for doing the opposite.

Salas' total pay in 2014 was $84,807.43. His perk pay was $11,167.62. In total, for being a lousy manager, Mr. Salas makes $95,975.05 a year.

I'm sorry Mr. Salas that you called me a liar for saying you make $100,000. I guess my estimate was $4,000 short.

I suppose Baldwin Park pays you so much for exposing your employees to hazardous waste; getting fired from departments; hiring criminals to work with young children; kicking journalists, college students, and paying members out of the gym.

Well Mr. Salas you proved to me one of Einstein's most fundamental laws. Einstein said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

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