Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breaking News - Tribune Reports on Baldwin Park's Fake Corporation

The Demon Gluttony - The Real Spirit of Manuel Carrillo Jr.

Manuel Carrillo Jr., President of the Phantom Non-Profit Corporation

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune published an article today on how the City of Baldwin Park is running a phantom non-profit corporation - some times known as an alter-ego. With all the technical language surrounding law and corporations, it's difficult to grasp the level of corruption that the Baldwin Park Officials and Administrators like Manuel Carrillo Jr. - the Director of Parks and Recreation and President of the non-profit the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation, have been engaging in.

First - the public needs to understand a simple concept. There are real non-profits and then there are fake ones. The first question to understand is why do people want to form non-profits. The answer is simple. So - they don't have to pay taxes.

There are two types of non-profits - the real ones and the fake ones. Real non-profits exist to help the public; so they don't make a profit; therefore, the IRS says, "Hey - we shouldn't charge you taxes because nobody is making a profit." Make sense?

But then there are bad people out there, like Baldwin Park and Manny Carrillo - who goes - huh, if I can get my money into a non-profit, then I don't have to pay taxes. So, Manny Carrillo is running a fake non-profit otherwise known as a shell non-profit, phantom non-profit, or alter-ego corporation. Think about this, why does a City need to run a non-profit corporation under its own Finance Department? That's right - to take in money and not pay taxes! You got it!

Well - the next question is where does the money go? For a real non-profit it goes to legitimate costs. Well - not for a fake non-profit. Baby, they get 100% of all that money back tax free. But how do you do they do it? Well, Manny Carrillo holds a sham event for children, and buys gift cards from Walmart and then gives it to who knows who. Let's let him answer that.

Story reported here: http://alchemistcook.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-parks-and-recs-director-is-really.html

So - this is what our elected officials are doing. And get this, Manny Carrillo gets paid for $200,000 for this. So, you know the people giving him raises are in on this.

In the law, the concept of getting back at this money launderers is through a principle called the alter-ego theory. What it states is that the non-profit corporation is really the same entity - not a different one - then the money launderer. Hence, the courts should hold the money launderer liable for anything the corporation does that's illegal. And that's what Casas and I sued the non-profit under. Manny Carrillo should be held liable for all the greedy deeds of the non-profit corporation.

Take a look at the pictures above. It's a picture of Manuel Carrillo and his familiar demon Gluttony. Really - even though Gluttony looks different and has a different name than Carrillo - they're really the same people in one. Well - same thing with the non-profit corporation. The BPCCC is really just Manuel Carrillo, which is really just his demonic spirit Gluttony.

Now that you understand that you can understand that - you can understand what the front page article on the Tribune is all about. Read it here:


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Paul Cook

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