Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Did Ex Felons Hijack Baldwin Park's Election?

The Real Mayor Manuel Lozano
The city election results are in, the old "gang" can't be ousted: Manuel Lozano is Mayor and Ricardo Pacheco and Raquel Monica Garcia are council members again. Pacheco and Lozano have been career politicians for 18 years now. Did the felons cheat the vote?

Cruz Baca was running against Lozano for Mayor, and with all the votes not being counted yet, she's allegedly 16 votes behind from ousting Lozano. According to the data, Lozano received 1,638 of the votes and Baca 1,622 of them.

There needs to be an investigation into this election. On it's face, there are a number of suspicious activities. For instance, most of the votes are done by what's commonly known as absentee or vote by mail. Nearly 50% of all the votes come from vote by mail. That means, that about 1,500 votes are done by mail in vote. So - what you say?
The Real Council Member Ricardo Pacheco

Well, like in the City of Bell, vote by mail has a higher chance of defrauding the votes. In November of 2011, I interviewed women in the nursing home, who told me that the Mayor was around asking them to let others fill out their vote by mail. Furthermore, other witnesses have confirmed that the Mayor's relatives pick up the votes and deliver them. Now, while those votes are in the hands of the self-interested, is there a chance that the vote can be changed? I think so.

The Real Council Member 
And when 50% of the votes are being done in this manner, can a crook win a seat for life? I think so. And when government money is given to cronies of these crooks to have free housing or discounted apartment space, do you think those cronies are going to vote for certain crooks? I think so.

Well, this year's election was extraordinary when it comes to the election data. In other words, it looks like the crooks got so desperate that they made it rather obvious they committed rampant voting fraud in this year's election.

There are two great irregularities in the numbers. The first one, is that in the first time in Baldwin Park's history, did you know that nearly 3,800 people voted.

That's a historic jump of 27% of the most voters ever coming out to election, which was about 3,000 people in November, 2011.

The devil's advocate can say, well, Paul, that's possible, but maybe it was just a great year for civic participation and the people came out?

Sure, but how come the numbers don't add up then? They don't add up because it looks like these crooks defrauded the vote and created 774 missing votes.

The data states that 3,026 people voted for the council people, but in total 3,800 people votes for the Mayor. What I'm saying, is why did over 774 people ONLY vote for mayoral candidates and not the council members or the other elected officials or the water board candidates or the school board? 774 votes are missing.

There's a discrepancy of 774 votes, not a small figure. 20% of all Baldwin Park's votes experienced a Second Coming. They voted for their Mayoral candidate, and poof; the votes disappeared for the rest. Where did their votes go for the council members?

Why should this concern you? Well, think about this. Baldwin Park is a real dictatorship because there's no way to remove these people with the vote. When the votes don't count, the people don't rule, and when the crooks rule, they can rule forever by cheating the vote. And that leads to all the problems I've been chronicling for the last two and a half years. These people do whatever they want for themselves, which essentially amounts to coming up with every way under the sun to launder taxpayer money back to themselves.

As Charles Bukowski said, "The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting."

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