Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Perfect Day in San Francisco

When I came into the Bay Area, I told Jeffrey (who is one of my best friends) that we had to go into the City - perhaps, my favorite city in the world because it's a city where you can be free and be who you want. Jeffrey, who cares less about the City, rolled his eyes and said fine.

Jeffrey and I walked the streets of San Francisco on a perfect day in the fall; it was so perfect, you could see Alcatraz Island clearly without the rolling fog, as the glorious sunshine smiled on the City. On this perfect day, the haunted prison looked like a crown on an island.

The air was crisp, and the crowds of people walked through the streets of San Francisco too. They whispered about everything and nothing and created empty and meaningful chatter.

First, we waited in line at one of the most famous bakeries in China Town called the Golden Gate Bakery. It's infamous to be open and closed on a whim, and Jeffrey told me every time he came, it was closed. But this time, it was open. We waited in line for 30 minutes, even though there were only about 8 people ahead of us. But they ran out of their famous egg tarts, and we had to wait and wait. And I was getting impatient, when Jeffrey said, "Patience, Paul!" Just like, he would tell me in college.

I was first in line to get an egg tart, and right out of the oven, the egg tart was hot and piping and steaming, and the custard was thick and warm and when you ate it, it made you feel good. It even made me feel better that when I ate it outside, the throngs of people watched me eat the highly sought after egg tart.

After, Jeffrey and I walked to Little Italy. I ordered a cappuccino. He ordered a pastry. And we chatted about the world and everything in it.

Then, we went to the famous Light House bookstore, and I found a book for my god daughter.

We then drove to the Fisherman's Wharf and walked together - where we got lost amongst the crowds and the hustling bustling people - all of whom talked of chit chat and chatter. The sun was kind to us, and it felt like a magical day.

We ended our day by eating at Haight-Ashbury - where we ate small oysters on the half shell - which were only $1 because it was happy hour. The empty oyster shells were the only reminders of our carefree happiness and day.

Afterwards, Jeffrey dropped me off at my host's place - Frank. I felt healed that Jeffrey took time out of his day to spend time with me.

And Frank and I went back to the City to eat once again. We had a sweet potato gnocchi, which was perfect in how it was made. We also ordered a persimmon salad, which was rich in oil and sweet and fresh in taste. The pork chop was succulent and wonderful. We were in heaven.

Before that, I was in Santa Cruz with a person of knowledge. It took awhile to pry it from him, but he shared with me some deep secrets of this world, but obviously not enough. Rabbi will have to share more, next time.

I received a kind note from the Court of Appeals when I was in San Francisco. It was a good omen to say - Have a wonderful voyage away. I certainly will.

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