Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Baldwin Park City Attorney, Robert Tafoya, Defends Alleged Rapist

City Attorney, Robert Nacionales-Tafoya
Photo shot after losing to Paul Cook
The Baldwin Park City Attorney defends an alleged rapist, Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga. According to CNN, Five women are alleging that Choudhury raped them. One alleges that he sexually assaulted her. CNN Story on Bikram Yoga

The video is quite interesting on CNN, and I recommend watching it. Tafoya gives an interview, and he basically discredits the women, saying they're only after money.

How did this story end up on the Legal Lens? I've never met a City Attorney that defended a rape case. But hey - this is Baldwin Park, and the public officials and administrators do what they want here.

Another coincidental oddity about the case is how Albright, Yee, and Schmit is defending the case too. If you remember, Baldwin Park also contracted the firm to defend my appeal. It's just really strange how all these same attorneys keep appearing together in sketchy cases.

According to law360, many of the lawyers no longer wanted to represent Bikram or his organization. They wanted to drop off as the attorneys before the trial. Law360 Story Well, the Judge said No. They had to defend the Yoga Guru against the allegations.

Also, Tafoya wanted to postpone the trial because of an alleged knee surgery. He showed up on crutches in December in front of the judge. According to Law360, the judge was skeptical of his claim he was going in for surgery. Also, the opposing counsel asked him to produce a doctor's note, which he never produced. Well, there's been no evidence that Tafoya went in for surgery, and he appears to miraculously healed overnight and walks fine now.

I can testify that I don't believe he ever needed knee surgery. Remember, back on September 10, 2015, Tafoya dropped his crutches, lunged at me, and tried to punch me. Then realizing that he exposed his whole sham that he was on crutches, picked the crutches back up, and pretended once again to hobble. My goodness: what is this world coming to?

Well, although this seems, in someway to appear to be a bad reality TV show of lawyers, I have to say that I'm concerned about taxpayer money being spent on this City Attorney and the reputation of the profession.

Doesn't a City Attorney have a duty to devote his time and energy to defending the City, especially when the City is paying that attorney close to half a million dollars a year for losing cases? Here, it looks like Tafoya is taking on too much.

He's currently at trial, while he's litigating against me. He even told the judge, in my case, that he wasn't fully prepared because of his Birkam case. He submitted a very unimpressive opposition to Casas 1. And next week, I have two hearings against Baldwin Park? How does a City Attorney prepare for all this, when he's currently scheduled for a long and drawn out rape trial?

Anyways, I don't know the facts of the Bikram case. But, may justice prevail.

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