Monday, January 18, 2016

FBI Busts Towing Company for Bribes and Kickbacks

Royal Coaches Towing, the Cancer of Baldwin Park
Ruben Vives and Joel Rubin, of the LA Times, covered a story in Huntington Park, in which the FBI has busted the city's monopoly tow company for offering kickbacks to council members and for them accepting them. Read about it here: Informant in FBI bribery case was Huntington Park councilman

The problem illustrates the problem that the city has with monopolizing towing company contracts. In Baldwin Park, the citizens have had their cars stolen from the City and Royal Coaches Towing, otherwise known as a taking. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported that at least $1.2 million in revenue. The people that have benefited are the council members, mayor, and the tow company. The people that have lost are the owners of their property.

Remember, in a free market economy, which America purports to be, businesses provide goods and services for us. But Baldwin Park's economy is rotting away with their practice of towing and impounding. Here, it's big money for the City and the tow company. The City and tow company target cars of the poorest of the poor, and confiscate them, and sell them at auction. This is a blatant taking of property from the poor, which is redistributed to the government, which resells it. In short, there is no services or goods produced. In essence, Baldwin Park is exactly the same type of communist system the U.S.S.R. was running. (For you millennials whom don't know who the U.S.S.R. was, it was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, but it was mainly communist Red Russia.)

In any event, read about the LA Times story. My team has found and is gathering more evidence on the matter to present to you.

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  1. Ok Mr. Cook I shared your post on Royal Coach Towing and City and WM taking my money for fun. I live in BP since 1972. I was two yrs old. My husband and I are tired of the BS and if we say something, somehow it comes and bites our ass.