Friday, April 22, 2016

Advice on Taking a Break in a Foreign Land

I was going to write on my legal updates, and I will. There are many of them. Although I'm still here, my brother just flew back home, and it made me realize that I should take that time to write on travel again and how it's important that people get away and reflect on life.

We were in Cabo together, (to get there go South of Los Angeles, until you hit the end of the Mexican Baja Peninsula), and it appears that it's becoming an annual excursion. Everyday took on a de ja vu routine.

Woke up. Ate a great Mexican breakfast -usually consisting of fried pork skin, chicharron. Then we'd take a nap and get ready for the beach.

We went to the beach for six straight days, where we'd bring Mexican chips and guacamole and drinks and just relax. Then we'd come home. Nap. And then eat dinner. And then we'd do our own thing.

Scott watched movies. I read.

We didn't really do much and see much. We just enjoyed our time. But why I'm writing this, is that I think these times are helpful for both of us. We often chatted at breakfast and at the beach.

The first time I brought Scott here, he was afraid of the unknown - the dirt roads, the wild dogs that run in packs, and the hippies at our hostel. But, I think, he came to realize that even in the hustle and bustle of life, it was good to meet these hippies.

We met one named Kari. And Scott really took to her. She was 79 but didn't look at day over 50. Her mission in life was to preserve manta rays - which are large and harmless stingrays that are famous in the waters down here. She's doing everything she can to alert people to the harm they receive from commercial dive boats and the fishing boats. Scott really liked that she was on a mission.

And over breakfast, he kept saying he needed to come back and have another break. Last year, we had a talk about life and what's important. And a year later, it became clear that talk sank in. Now, he's asking himself a lot about how he should be spending his time. I thought that was good.

For me, I'm asking myself the same questions. More specifically though, the questions usually center on how to bring change into a dying and corroding world.

I'm not sure. I'm just thinking and thinking about it, while the calm and warm and salty Mexican breeze glides over my skin.

In any event, we both agree, that taking a break from life, somewhere reclusive helps give perspective on it. Remember, (unless you believe in karma), you only live once. Make the best of it.

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