Saturday, April 30, 2016

The High Court Keeps My Case Alive Against the Mayor Alive

After coming home yesterday, I opened my mail from the California Supreme Court, which had the San Francisco postmark on it. I was sure, that it was a rejection from the high court. But; no!

The High Court granted review and shot it back down to the Court of Appeals. I was thrilled to read the good news. Like I said, in my last post about the Mayor - it ain't over until I get the Mayor to sing. Here's my post on it: I Sued Mayor Lozano Again in the Supreme Court of California

I can tell you, (I keep getting the numbers wrong), but it's no easy task to get a review by our state supreme court. It's not a right (like in the Court of Appeals), meaning they reject almost all of them: Easily over 97%. But my little filing got a review.

What case is this about? The LA Times did a story on it. A BALDWIN PARK GADFLY THE MAYOR WOULD LOVE TO SWAT AWAY

After the Mayor filed a meritless temporary restraining order on me, and I won, I took him to small claims court to sue him for malicious prosecution. Cases originating out of small claims court are not appealable. So, I had to take up a writ, which is a request for extraordinary relief, in which almost 98% of all get denied. Still, knowing the odds, I applied for a writ to the appellate division, then to the Court of Appeals, and finally to the Supreme Court. All were denied.

But after the Mayor was bad again, and sued for another TRO against my client Tuttle, I let the Supreme Court know. And this time, I think they had enough of the Mayor's naughty ways.

So, it's alive again! So, what's next?

Well, the Court of Appeals will see, considering the new facts, whether it'll grant review. If it does, then it'll order briefing  and the case is alive and well! If it doesn't, then, we'll have to take it up with the Supreme Court again.

Well, Mayor, looks like I snagged and reeled you back in. As we used to say at work, "You gotta feed the kitty." And I do have a hungry cat named Trial, and looks like he wants you to feed him.

Mayor Outside Small Claims Court
Hope He Returns

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