Monday, May 30, 2016

How Laws Are Made By Corporations Behind Closed Doors (In Baldwin Park and Nationally)

This video clip shows you how corporations make law in closed doors with politicians. What happens is that the corporations pay for the politicians to come to information sessions or conferences at fancy resorts at hotels. There, it looks like the corporations tell the politicians what they want and what the politicians will get in return. The agreements are made. Then when the politicians get back home, they go through the sham process of passing the laws.

Doesn't this sound this sound familiar to my case against Mayor Lozano, Council Member Pacheco, & Council Member Garcia against Greg Tuttle? In that case, Tuttle stayed at the same four star resort as these council members and Mayor to see what they were up to. The hosts were corporate sponsors. As a result, the three of them voted to sue Tuttle and take revenge for him to see what they were up to. Why?

Because they were being bought off by corporations to make law in the City of Baldwin Park. They get their kickbacks. These local and small-minded and greedy politicians didn't want to get caught.

In the end, we get taxed more. Residents don't get services. The corrupt get richer. We get poorer. This is what local and perhaps national democracy has turned into.

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