Monday, July 25, 2016

Council Woman, Susan Rubio, Accuses Baldwin Park City Manager, Shannon Yauchzee, of Defrauding City Money

Council Woman of Baldwin Park Susan Rubio 
On July 20, 2016, at the city council meeting, Baldwin Park Council Woman Susan Rubio accused City Manager Shannon Yauchzee of authorizing consultants to steal city money. According to her, Yauchzee authorized consultants to exaggerate hours billed to the City.

For instance, the consultant billed for four and half hours for talking with a resident, but according to Rubio, the resident claimed that the consultant only talked to the resident for forty five minutes at most.

City Manager Shannon Yauchzee
Before the plastic surgery
Greg S. Tuttle suspects that Council Member Ricardo Pacheco is behind the scam. Tuttle has received numerous staff complaints that Pacheco has threatened to fire employees, if they protest doing what he says, even when his orders are clearly illegally and unethical. Furthermore, Rubio accused Yauchzee of concealing records from her; so, that she wouldn't know what was going on.

The type of scam that Yauchzee allegedly authorized is a common scam employed by public officials to launder taxpayer money. By raising taxes, the public agency collects more money. Then, it hires consultants, who charge an incredible amount (as Robert Tafoya does) by billing excessive hours. The consultant then usually gives a cash kickback back to all the players involved. That's how our money lines the pockets of these public officials.

It's suspected that Yauchzee fears losing his job because Rubio no longer supports him. Yauchzee was installed as City Manager through the influence of State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, who is now divorced from Susan Rubio. In fact, recently, Rubio was able to obtain a three year restraining order against Hernandez for punching her in the stomach and whipping her with his belt.

In response to the accusations, witnesses confirmed that Yauchzee turned red and was visibly upset and criticized other the directors the next day at their management team meeting.

Yauchzee has also been caught establishing another sham non-profit for the City of Baldwin Park called the Baldwin Park Charitable Relief Foundation. This happened after Manny Carrillo's sham non-profit was suspended and investigated by the California Attorney General. But instead of the City being apologetic about laundering money through a non-profit, the council members and mayor decided to start another one to continue the same scam. Only, because they found Carrillo too incompetent to manage the scheme, they gave it to Shannon.

Up next, Carrillo's extravagant raise.

[Updated at 02:01PM on July 25, 2016 - Shannon Yauchtzee was accused of illegally increasing his former city's project budget by $1.2M without getting council approval.]

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  1. Paul, Shannon was under investigation a few months ago for some huge change orders that he approved in West Covina while he was the Public Works Director there. It looks like he is up to his dirty old tricks.