Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Brief Update for Early May

Me in Pasadena, California
(Haven't posted a picture in awhile.)
Sorry for not updating so regularly; this week, I finished filing Casas brief to the California Supreme Court. The issue being asked to be reviewed is whether the City can just say records don't exist, even though there's a court order for them to release them?

Anyways, writing a Supreme Court Petition takes a lot of work. It's like being in finals week at school; other parts of your life become neglected. I need to clean the house, pay some bills, and so on and so forth. I just finished washing my car and vacuuming it. It really needed it. I'll update everyone after I get through it all.

Anything interesting this week? Jeh Pan's hunting skills have improved, since changing his diet. He brought home a juvenile possum. It looked like a gigantic rat. My mother freaked out. Also, I found out he likes eating pumpkin, as a piece fell to the floor, and he licked it off. You learn something new every day.

After finishing writing my brief, I also bought myself a small catfish from the Amazon. That made me happy.

Well, it's Sunday in the San Gabriel Valley, Southern California, and it's raining. I'm going to pickle some cucumbers and tidy my life up. Doing so, makes me feel like I have some control over it. Write to you guys soon.


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