Friday, May 19, 2017

The Mayor's Racial Agenda - When Does Diversity Propaganda Turns into Reverse Racial Discrimination

Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park
Recently, Council Members Ricardo Pacheco, Susan Rubio, and Cruz Baca voted to fire the new police chief David Salcedo. He must be Baldwin Park's shortest tenured chief, working for about a month. The firing proves the Mayor's racial agenda to rid the city of white employees. Can the Mayor's agenda be a good thing for Baldwin Park? I think not.

There are several instances in which Lozano has explicitly aired his agenda to eliminate white people from Baldwin Park. Around May, 2015, the Mayor used city money to install an art monument in Baldwin Park. This monument stated, "It was better before they [the Whites] came." The Mayor defended the art installation, until too many protesters pestered him to remove it. The art installation is longer there.

When the Mayor hired David Salcedo, who had no experience as a Chief of Police, a number of council people opposed the $200,000 pay he was seeking. In response, the Mayor said, "He better get paid as much as that white boy [the former chief] should make."

A number of sources have told me at special meeting, Lozano told the city attorney that he was only half-Mexican anyways and that he didn't deserve to be there. What does his race matter if he should be there or not? What matters is merit (which in my opinion the city attorney doesn't have).

After the hiring of Salcedo, the executive management team was almost entirely Hispanic, with the exception of the Finance Director - Rose Tam. There's no blacks or whites. The employee racial makeup is overwhelmingly Hispanics as well, with almost not blacks. Myra Smith, a black woman, the only one on staff, told about how much racial discrimination she faced from Manny Carrillo, the Director of Parks and Recreation.

The former chief's actions also prove the Mayor's racial agenda. The chief first sought to bring in seven Hispanic officers from Inglewood. He was also attempting to waive the testing requirement for them. The Tribune also reported that he was making unauthorized contracts as part of a way to destabilize the local police force. Fired Baldwin Park police chief canceled city’s helicopter contract without approval, officials say.

On a number of occasions, when white residents have accused the Mayor of corruption or nepotism, he pulls the race card and tells such residents that they're white supremacists, who hate Mexicans. (Where does he even get this from?)

All the facts here prove, otherwise. It's the Mayor who is racially discriminating against whites and other minorities to promote an empire of nepotism and corruption. Diversity is a good thing, and it has the potential to be an extra check-and-balance against internal corruption. Nonetheless, the hiring and promotion of only one race is not diversity.

The end result is that cities like Baldwin Park fall into a state of becoming like a third world country. Just look at our educational test scores, the quality of our water (which apparently is causing children to be born with handicaps), and the lack of thriving small businesses (a hallmark sign of organized crime controlling the government).

When confronted with such facts, city employees have told me: "We're just taking back what belongs to us."

What's the solution to such a problem, especially when voter fraud appears rampant and voter turn out is low? Unless these city officials and administrators can be held accountable, it brings this entire country down. There's no benefit for the U.S. (or us) to have a sick and uneducated generation to come.

To be sure, I'd like to reecho that I'm a strong believer in diversity, but this is not the case in Baldwin Park. I cannot support a culture of nepotism or corruption, regardless of who is promoting it. Regarding Lozano, this is what I have to say: "From his heart comes all kinds of evil."

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