Thursday, June 1, 2017

Are Section VIII Housing Vouchers Linked to Voting Fraud?

Thomas Nast cartoon of Boss Tweed stuffing the votes
I have a theory, and at this point, it's a theory until proven, but I believe that Baldwin Park's Section VIII Housing Vouchers are linked to voting fraud. I believe this, because the city has, over and over again, refused to release any information on who is receiving these vouchers and how these people are chosen.

A witness also confirmed that he's seen one of the Mayor's friends collecting absentee votes at Section VIII housing. This confirms my theory that the Mayor has several people collect his votes and has them fill them out for him. Lozano has a proven track record of lying, cheating, and stealing. Remember my post about how the Mayor is most likely undocumented, you can read here: Baldwin Park's Mayor is undocumented.

Lozano won the election against his incumbent because he had 48 votes more. He won his margin by vote by mail (also called absentee). The circumstantial evidence shows that Lozano's absentees only voted for him, and the voters didn't vote on other matters, like other public officials. That suggests that someone collected the votes and was lazy and voted only for Lozano to fill out more votes. (We never said our Mayor was bright.)

I propose that the Mayor cheats the votes this way. People who receive housing vouchers most likely fall in one of three categories, (1) friends and family, (2) criminals, and (3) the undocumented. Friends and family are loyal; so, wouldn't snitch on Lozano. Criminals and the undocumented are vulnerable and have something to lose.

Then, Lozano's men go and collect their ballots and fill them out in the same way, It's simple as that.

To be sure, I don't have the smoking gun. But perhaps more citizens need to ask the city to release the housing information. If they have nothing to hide, why are they guarding it so fiercely?

I know that stench of corruption, and seems like something is certainly rotten in Baldwin Park (and has been rotten for awhile).

PS: Lozano has been parading the fired ex chief of police, David Salcedo around to local groups. I suspect that Lozano is trying to run him for public office in Baldwin Park. Does that mean that Lozano won't be around anymore? I predict so. 

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