Monday, May 7, 2018

Homesickness and Brief Draft Done - Day 310

Shot yesterday in a Cape forest,
 listening to Avicii - "Waiting for Love";
Rest in Peace. =(
Around Day 310 - I finished a draft of my Reply Brief yesterday in a place by the sea. It took me two weeks, which also meant I made friends with the staff at my hostel. I said goodbye to a cleaning lady who also happened to be a witchdoctor (she called herself Sweetness) and the bartender and the owner. It was an amazing hostel, and twice, I met some fun travelers: one was a set of young English tourists and then I met some young professional Germans.

(But to be honest, I didn't care for the obese French chef, who talked the talk but didn't deliver well on his meals. One day, the chef ate his breakfast in front of me: five chicken breasts and three fried eggs. I thought about all the poor chickens that died to feed this man.) All these people, except the chef, left something with me, and I was sad to leave. Maybe that's why I'm kind of burnt out; you meet new people, you establish a connection with, and then you have to say good bye. It's fun the first 10 times, but then I think it starts to wear on you.

I wanted to stay longer, but something inside of me also told me it was time to go. I wrestled inside to stay or leave, but I had sensed it was time to go.

I was in pretty bad shape after drafting the brief - meaning it took a lot out of energy out of me. As I was writing it, I kept telling myself that I didn't want to do this anymore and that I hated writing briefs. I'd rather write fiction or a screenplay or a book, where more people could enjoy reading it. I'm sure only about 20 people read my legal docuemnts. After all, I want to be in the business of change.

After reviewing my brief though, it looked like a nice and polished and shiny gem. It needs one more final polishing before I send it through.
Korean yin yang.

But there was different pieces of evidence that I've changed as a person. For one, I asked my designer to change my legal logo; it would be cool if it could reflect bright Korean colors of our yin yang in my logo.

I asked my lawyer if I could wear royal scholar clothes to court. (No one has given me a response. I remember being fascinated in Tokyo that I saw elderly ladies taking the subway and going to tea, wearing their kimonos. I look at myself wearing nothing but Western clothing and wondered if I shouldn't do the same too. I remembered when I was only 20 - I took a Qantas flight to Brisbane, Australia and the staff were all wearing ties and handkerchiefs made of Aboriginal design of a crocodile and different animals. I was fascinated by that. I wonder if I shouldn't have a tie made for me that reflects Korea as well. Maybe Los Angeles too. I'm definitely Angelino.)
Can I wear clothes like this to court?

Maybe I'm rambling, because on this part of the trip, I feel more Korean than ever, because the South Africans (both white and black) keep asking me about Korea. I tell them I'm from Los Angeles. I tell them I'm American, but they still want to know more about Korea. And the blacks in particular are so fascinated by my straight and black hair. Since there's not so many East Asians on the Cape, they just haven't seen it.

I had another identity change. I changed the font in my brief; no more New Time Roman. I'll go crazy if I ever write a brief in New Time Roman again. I went and researched for a font for probably 7 hours on the internet to find a new one, and when I transformed my brief in it - it was beautiful. I loved it! I loved this new font. The font seemed to breathe a new life into my writing, and they seemed to work together well, a kind of yin balancing yang.

I was burnt out mentally from writing too. So, I made my way to a forest in the mountains. The place is beautiful. Lots of young and friendly people who like to talk. The last place was a bit more subdued and quiet. But they had a cat there, and I miss him too.

Well, I miss home, my friends, my family, and my own bed. But I literally have miles to go before I sleep. So, that's what's on top. Next, I'll publish more on Baldwin Park. Judging by all the newspaper articles being published on them, I think they're in a bit of hot water.

Finally, I was sad to hear Tim Bergling (aka Avicii) committed suicide at 28; our world lost another brilliant artist. Rest in Peace. I'll miss you and your music too.

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