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The May 2017 Corruption Report on Baldwin Park

Council Member (CM) Ricardo Pacheco,
CM Raquel "Monica" Garcia & Mayor Manuel Lozano
(From left to right). 
The City Officials of Baldwin Park have been bad, but what's new? Only this time, it's actually making the news.

This article is divided up into four parts. The first part is why we need to stop corruption. The second part is what's new with the BP Officials that have been reported. The third part is what's being reported. The fourth part is what should be being reported.

I. Why we should care?

If City Officials are going to be this open about stealing our taxpayer dollars and taking bribes to buy their vote, then we really should all band together and stop paying taxes. We should also pass a law, through referendum, to stop them city officials from taking out loans, which bonds us and future generations to paying off useless debt so that these they and their business friends and their family can all get rich. Enough is enough.

Taxpayer money is supposed to go to serve all of us. According to Lincoln, "“The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not so well do, for themselves[.]"

That means the government should spend on projects that (1) benefit all of us and (2) are big - like roads, schools, etc. The purpose of taxpayer money is not to be stolen by a few people like Mayor Lozano and his cronies.

Right now, taxpayer money should be going into stopping all the murders that are being committed int the city and halting gang activity. There needs to be brighter and more street lights to stop evening crime. And there needs to be a reduction of taxes, which seems to be growing all the time and taking from us.

Secondary projects must aim at a better education and cleaning up our toxic water.

In doing so, a more educated body can improve a better and technical workforce, which can improve everyone's life.

II. What's current and not reported.

1. Currently, Baldwin Park has been forced to finally go out to bid for their tow services. The last 50 years, Royal Coaches has had a monopoly over the city, and Baldwin Park has constantly renewed their contract without having to go to bid, illegally by the way. Baldwin Park has relented, probably because they're being watched.

Also, William Salazar has an extensive criminal record. They're going out to bid; finally.

(Royal Coaches has been a parasite in the city for 50 years.

2. Baldwin Park created an illegal monopoly on marijuana - making all the businesses having to go through one distributor named Rukli, Inc. Governments love to talk about the free and open market. How is a government created monopoly forever a good thing? (Isn't this disgusting how openly corrupt these people are?)

III. What's current and being reported.

The local newspaper, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune has been finally factually reporting the truth. This is good for a change.

1. Baldwin Park got sued again, because it's being alleged that weed businesses payed off Ricardo Pacheco and didn't get a marijuana license. Lawsuit challenges marijuana monopoly in Baldwin Park

2. It looks like the City wants to buy a marijuana warehouse for one of it's business. I didn't know the City was now in the business of supporting only one business in the weed trade. Caltrans asked Baldwin Park to build affordable…

IV. What should be investigated?

1. Under court order, Baldwin Park has refused to release the bank statements of their hidden bank account called the "Baldwin Park Franchise Fund." This is where the tow money was going. We want to see who's getting a cut of it.

2. Manny Carrillo. We still need to see how the "unofficial treasurer" of Baldwin Park has been laundering money through the city's two sham nonprofits - the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation and the Baldwin Park Charitable Relief Fund.

3. Where does Lozano really live? A mayor is supposed to live in his city. But reports have come in that Lozano doesn't stay in his Baldwin Park house, and that he owns at least 10 cars, even though he drives a little red Honda.

Where's he going? Who is he seeing?

A number of reports have come in that Manuel Lozano's brother is growing marijuana nearby. Although it needs to be confirmed, this needs to be investigated.

4. Voter fraud.

Although Trump has been alleging that California is the voter fraud state, two precincts in Baldwin Park have been known to have notorious voter fraud by absentee vote. This is like when Vernon had voting fraud discovered - where whole families that didn't live in Vernon was voting by absentees. What was happening was that one family member would fill out these votes, even though other members didn't even know they were voting. They would turn them in for everyone. Some of these individuals were also living in sham addresses.

I suspect this fraud is tied to the Federal Urban and Housing Development Fund, which Baldwin Park won't release under the Public Records Act. I suspect that an unspoken condition of getting this money is by helping in perpetrating this kind of fraud. City of Industry was notorious for this.

Read article here: Are Section VIII Housing Vouchers Linked to Voting Fraud?

There have been numerous reports, especially from city employees, that the Mayor's brother Guadalupe picks up the votes and delivers them to the County Registrar.

5. How many of these public officials and directors have criminal records, especially in Texas? Manuel Lozano was an undocumented felon who made his stardom in marijuana. Is it a surprise that he's returning back to his cash crop?

I don't think so.

Read about it here: Is Baldwin Park's Mayor an Undocumented Criminal - Identity Disorder Series Part II


If this open and blatant in-your-face corruption continues, it won't be long until people question the legitimacy of our public officials everywhere. And if that happens, we really need to vote to get rid of taxes, until this problem is fixed.

Maybe there is hope. The FBI arrested Adelanto's Mayor yesterday. That's exactly more of what we need!

Federal agents search Adelanto mayor's home, City Hall amid corruption probe. According to the Times, "The raids come amid an ongoing investigation into corruption in the city, which came to light last year after charges were filed against Mayor Pro Tem Jermaine Wright, who was accused of accepting bribes to fast-track a marijuana business, among other things."

The article also says: "Wright, 41, allegedly met with an undercover FBI agent posing as a marijuana cultivator last year and agreed to vote, in exchange for $20,000, in favor of a measure expanding the parts of Adelanto where marijuana could be grown, according to a criminal complaint."

Baldwin Park government has at least three relations to Adelanto.

One the Pachecos used to own a home there. Two, when Taylor was chief, Taylor was thinking of applying for the Chief of Police job there. Three, marijuana businesses have been complaining that the director of community development, Gustavo Romo, didn't get them their weed licenses. Romo also consults for Adelanto.

Finally, what's the difference between Adelanto and Baldwin Park?

Didn't Pacheco just buy a new car, get laser eye surgery, and now has new suits - not from K-Mart?

That's it for now. Signing off from the Eastern Cape of South Africa,


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