Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Emergency Hearing Filed Against The City Attorney Robert Nacionales-Tafoya

Today, I sent notice of an emergency hearing against Robert Nacionales-Tafoya.  Courts generally don't like to hear emergency hearings; so, I reflected long and hard before I did it.

The main reason for doing so was that any type of talks or agreements were becoming futile.  The man fired Julian on trumped charges.  Then his client, the City, arrested and jailed me.  After that, they tried to file a temporary restraining order against me - which didn't work out so well.  Is it really reasonable I could trust this person?

The last straw, for me, was that the Chief of Police - the former and evil City Manager Michael Taylor - had me arraigned on the same court date and time as hearing I had with Tafoya.  Don't you find all this suspicious.  Judging by how hard Tafoya fought me on changing this court date, I suspect that he told the police to arraign me on this day. 

What the City of Baldwin Park was trying to do was make me miss my court date against the lawsuit we had against Baldwin Park, so they could automatically win because I had to be at my criminal hearing.  Now, isn't that really dirty when you think about it?

Anyways, Tafoya didn't want to change the date, even though the law says that he had to.  No matter how many times I showed him the law, he refused to change it.  The new city manager told him to change it.  He said he would but didn't.  Then he lied to the city manager, saying that he could change it without my consent.  Nope.  Not the law.

On Friday, he relented to changing the date.  But he missed the deadline.  That's when I thought, it's finally time the judge just review all his actions.

In my brief, I start with the most pressing issue: the changing of the court date.  But then, I go into the facts, in which Tafoya has tried to make my life a living Hell.  Let's not forget, Julian's firing, my arrest, my jailing, my TRO, and all the nasty conversations, in which he calls me stupid in almost every email.  Now, the judge could see for himself that this City Attorney has really been obstructing justice by intimidating, bullying, and harassing his opposing attorney.

I'm an officer of the court our suit is filed in.  Therefore, I have a duty to present the facts to the judge in the best possible light for my client.  Instead of presenting his best version of the facts, Tafoya has resorted to felonious behavior, through defamation, abuse of the court process, and false arrests in an attempt to stifle my representation.  We'll see what the judge says.

In my brief, (which I'll post later), I even mention how in Tafoya's investigation to trump up charges against Julian, he asked witnesses if he saw us sexually touching the boxing kids.

I conclude my brief with Welch's response to McCarthy's accusations against Fred Fischer.  Like myself, at the time of the accusation, Fischer was a young National Lawyers Guild lawyer.

After McCarthy accused Fischer of being a communist, he demanded Welch fire him. I confront Tafoya with the same words that Welch told McCarthy: "[Y]ou’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

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