Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our story makes the Washington Post

The City of Baldwin Park's open violation of our First Amendment Rights has finally caught up with them.  Eugene Volokh, the authority on the First Amendment, professor of law at UCLA, and former clerk of the Ninth Circuit and Supreme Court, has written a criticism on Baldwin Park's open violation of our American First Amendment.

Quoting from the Nebraska Supreme Court's opinion, Volokh (who incidentally argued the case before the court) states, "The ability of a constituent to voice his concerns and opinions to his elected representatives, and to those who wish to become his representatives, is the cornerstone of republican government."

As I said, what Baldwin Park is doing is so un-American.

Read the Washington Post article here:

Baldwin Park (L.A. suburb) city attorney threatens local gadfly with restraining order — over two ‘harassing and offensive’ e-mails 

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