Monday, February 1, 2016

City of Baldwin Park Refuses to Comply With Judicial Order to Release Records - For the Third Time

Cartoon drawn by Will Howells of London
On Jan. 26, 2016 the Los Angeles Superior Court for the third time, found that the City of Baldwin Park has violated the Public Records Act for withholding records. The City in its defense submitted a declaration by the CEO, Shannon Yauchtzee, that said they didn't have to release records because all records were already released. That's not a defense to the law.

Although the court found that Baldwin Park violated the court order for the second time, and the Public Records Act for the third time, it didn't go far enough to fine the City. The court stated that if Casas could prove that the City really did have the records it was claiming it didn't have, the court would fine the City. The court refused to do so, in the end, but did find that the City was in violation of the court order again. (This is becoming like the Hillary Clinton saga. It just goes to show you - when foxes are guarding the chicken coop, they aren't going to let the goods out.)

The records being withheld are tow records and bank statements, which would prove the money trail of what's happening with the money the city made from auctioning millions of dollars worth of cars and the rest of the money it collects in taxes.

Casas found it disappointing that the court didn't go far enough to enforce its order. Once again, the City is displaying its defiance for the law. Talks are being held as to what to do in going forward.

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