Friday, February 26, 2016

Small Business Owner Calls Council Member's Wife as a Witness to Court

Lenet Pacheco aka Lisa and Alicia Pacheco,
Wife of Ricardo Pacheco,
Board Member of Valley Water District
Local small business owner and activist, Greg Tuttle sought a court clerk order against Baldwin Park's Council Member Ricardo Pacheco's wife, Lenet Pacheco, the board member of the Valley County Water District to appear as a witness in court today. (Incestuous town, as I said - where the wife of the City Council Member also is elected on the water board.) According to Mr. Luna, she was upset at receiving the papers. Lenet chased him down and took photos of his car's license plate. (Here's a thought, how do these people have access to run our license plate numbers? Is that legal?)

In any event, Lenet Pacheco claims in her declaration that she  needed a restraining order against Tuttle because she is "intimidated" and "harassed" and "violated." She feels this way because, at City Council meetings, Mr. Tuttle claims that Ricardo Pacheco will be going to jail for taking bribes. (I hope Mr. Pacheco does go to jail for such things.)

But because the whole TRO is based on thin allegations, Tuttle decided to bring her to court to question her on what makes her so feel so harassed and violated. One thing she states, is that she alleges she feels this way because he "glares" at Pacheco.

I've decided to be the attorney on the case because I've been through this too and felt so violated. Baldwin Park's Mayor, Manuel Lozano, attempted to tarnish my reputation and to shut me up by also filing a frivolous TRO against me. In doing so, the Mayor wasted Baldwin Park's money (our money) on legal fees.

Now, Ricardo Pacheco, a council member, has actually done the same thing again to a small business owner - who probably owns one of the only small, successful businesses in Baldwin Park. (That's a miracle in itself in this economic wasteland of a City.)

According to the TRO, Tuttle can't even email Pacheco about his complaints about the city. Under the First Amendment, however, public officials have no cause of action because they don't like receiving criticizing emails from citizens. The heart of the First Amendment comes from our right to complain to those in power.

In January of this year, the City lost $67,500 for arresting and jailing and strip searching me for leafleting at the park. You would think by now the Council Members would learn that people have the right to speak and tell the truth. But not here.

In fact, Pacheco is asking the City Attorney to draft decorum rules - so that people can't criticize them openly during public comments period. Maybe, Pacheco and the City Attorney and Lenet need to read a case called California v. Cohen, which held that government officials can't throw someone out of the courtroom for having F*** the Draft on his jacket. Distasteful, yes; illegal, no.

Speaking of America, those in the city have questioned Lenet's citizenship. Some have even alleged that she may not be a naturalized citizen. Perhaps these rumors arise because of her slowness in understanding English and speaking in English.

Nonetheless, other pieces of circumstantial evidence validate the claim. I found this mugshot photo of her below. Also, she goes by the aliases of Alicia Pacheco and Lisa Ann and Lisa-Anne and probably a lot more. She was charged with falsifying identification. I'm finding all these people were liars in their past, and guess what: they're all liars now. (Journalism would say not to call them liars, but you know what: a liar is a liar is a liar is a liar - and we shouldn't be afraid to point that out.)

And because I'm so disgusted with how the Baldwin Park elected officials are behaving, it's my calling to defend this case and our right to speak freely; so, I'm defending it for free. We the people have the right to tell our elected officials (even when they defraud the vote) that we don't like the job they're doing.

Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense (the treatise that sparked the American Revolution) was right: "Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one". Here, in Baldwin Park, the elected officials and directors have burdened our lives, crippling our existence. The illegitimate Mayor and Council Members are constantly trying to shut us up because they hate hearing the truth. And I'm constantly finding ways to thwart them. We've entered into the age, where the battle is for our right to tell and hear the truth.

I just want to remind my audience, this is all happening in a city that's not only the United States, but a city in the County of Los Angeles in the Golden State of California. I mean - we're not in North Korea, here people.

That's why the Scriptures tell us: "[L]ook out for one another's interests, not just for your own". What it means, is that when someone needs your help - give it - and stop thinking about what it costs you. That's what it means to be in a community.

Thus, to make sure America stays America, we the citizens have no other choice but to do what our forefathers did over 250 years ago and fight back against those who threaten to take away our rights to live and speak freely.

The Real Lenet Pacheco:
aka Alicia Pacheco and aka Lisa Pacheco
(Photoshop goes a long way.)

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