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The Coming Fall of the American Empire and How the Russians Will Take Over

The Burning of Rome by Jan Styka
After writing my last piece, that identified why Rome Fell (An Explanation of Why the Roman Empire Fell), it made me realize how America is going to fall. I just thought through this this week and now bring it to you. Like Rome, the United States is being invaded by foreign powers, and foreign powers have been intending to invade.

To understand what's going on, I have to briefly summarize one historical phenomenon and two models. The phenomenon is how invaders take over weak empires. The first model is the Clausewitzian Triangle. The second model is the Butterfly Effect. Essentially, my thesis, is that the City of Baldwin Park has shown foreigners how to declare economic war on our governments.

Rome, like all empires, fall because the rulers become corrupt, and that in turn, leads to at some point to the weak rule of law. (I explained all this in my last article.) As mentioned in my last post, what happens next is that the barbarians, which is another label for foreigners, know this and move in for the taking. I figured out why the rule of law actually causes foreign invasion; so, let me explain.

How does the weak rule of law encourage the foreigners to invade? Well, let's start again with Rome. The last vestige of the Roman Empire was in Constantinople, now Istanbul. From approximately the 4th Century until the 15th Century, the Theodosian Walls protected the City from foreigner invaders. Imagine having massive, stone walls for 1,100 years to make you feel safe. So, how did the Muslim Sultan, Mehmet II, break through the walls?

Well, he bought off the best weapons maker at the time - Orban - the Hungarian Cannon maker. Orban first went to Constantine XI with his services but Constantine XI couldn't pay him enough. So, Orban offered his services to the enemy, who paid him everything he wanted and gave him all the materials he needed. Orban built his massive super cannon, which took 60 oxen to carry. He brought it to the gates of the wall and blew it up, ending 1,100 years of invincibility.

How is it what happened a sign of corruption? Well, think about this. In our modern age, if you were the President of the United States, and a weapon maker told you he could build a nuclear bomb to explode an entire continent, would you let him to go to the enemy and work for him? Furthermore, patriotism must have been low for Orban, who couldn't care less with protecting Constantinople. So, down came the wall. (Incidentally, I was in Istanbul in the summer of 2015 and saw parts of this wall.)

A second example proves that the theme of corruption inviting invaders is commonplace in history. When I was in high school, I wrote my freshman thesis on Ghengis Khan - which is probably something I wouldn't be proud of publishing now. (Incidentally, my mother likes to tell my brother and I that we're from the Khan bloodline and General Yi bloodline - but people say all kinds of things.) But, here's what I remember about the thesis. The Emperor Warlord conquered the Chinese Jin Dynasty easily. Emperor Jin, like Constantinople XI, had faith that his Great Wall would protect him. (Yes, same wall tourists go see today; I've been there too, really overrated and dirty.) And Khan walked through the Great Wall without any problem. His invading army passed right through to take over China.

How'd this happen? Well, from memory, Khan said, "It's not the gate that protects the people, but the sentries." (I knew the quote was important when I was 14, but didn't know it'd make sense 18 years later.) Khan bribed the soldiers guarding the gates, and they let his army in, avoiding the high expense and energy of breaking down the wall. Khan knew the sentries were corruptible. And he took advantage of it to plunder China.

Now, we're going to shift to another principle of war. According to Clausewitz, the three players of war, within a nation, are always the same. War is comprised amongst, the politicians, the army, and the people. This model is now known as the Clausewitizean Triangle. So, according to the triangle, the politicians are the representatives of the people, who declare war against other nations. Armies fight opposing armies. And the people win or suffer. Also, the people are the ones who vest power into the politicians, even when the politicians is a dictator or king. I'm not going to go into the history of the entire triangle, there's a book called the Utility of Force that does that, but I will summarize it's role in modern Western history.

Before the American Civil War, war was generally confined to armies battling armies. After World War II, militaries were banned from attacking civilians with the Laws of War, enacted in Geneva. So, why? Well, it was Lincoln's General Sherman and Sheridan who figured out that if they brought war to the people, in the South, that the people would become miserable and suffer, and tell their politicians to surrender. Lincoln broke away from Napoleonic Warfare, and decided to bring the military into the civilian realm, which he knew would end his war faster.

So, Sherman and Sheridan employed scorched earth warfare against Southern civilians, by taking over their homes, robbing their wealth, eating their food, and destroying all civilian infrastructure. Southerns described the approaching Union Army as a swarm of locusts, devouring everything in its way.

World War I and World War II carried out this type of warfare, but the climax of World War II prohibited warfare against civilians. After the Americans dropped the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, which was the ultimate display of bringing war to civilians, the politicians realized that mankind had finally reached a stage in history where it was capable of total devastation and destruction. In other words, total nuclear warfare showed us we were all faced with the threat of extinction against humans and their civilizations.

So, the laws of war, were enacted in Geneva, Switzerland, and banned scorched earth warfare. Hence, the reason, that the war between the United States and the Soviets changed into a "cold" war, and not a hot one with nukes. When players are reasonable, all players realize that there's no loot to be gained by the total destruction of both sides. It's the principle that drove the cold war. But the cold war's not over, as you'll see later in this article.

Now, the last principle you need to understand to see how Baldwin Park invited Russian (and potentially Chinese) invasion is the Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect says that small changes in one area can impact large changes in other areas. So, a butterfly flapping its wings in Mexico has been proven to cause a tornado elsewhere.

Now that you have a background in history, military science, and physical science, you can see how America can and will fall, unless something is done. The corruption in the City of Baldwin Park has provided the Russians with the business plan to invade the United States.

Here's how I figured it out. Over the past several months, I've noticed enormous number of readers from Russia, especially after I posted on the identity disorders of the public officials and administrators of the City of Baldwin Park. (Special Report on the Identity Disorder of Manny Carrillo)  For months, I couldn't figure out why Russia would be interested in my blog. Now, I realized that Baldwin Park has shown them what to do.

Regarding Baldwin Park, it looks like some Texas Criminal Syndicate put its own criminals in charge of this city by creating new identities for them, cheating the vote by mail votes, and then putting people in their syndicate in administrative positions. Once that was put into place, the criminal syndicate could launder taxpayer money back to itself. Really, the syndicate has to take the City's money from the bank account and get it back into the pockets of the Mayor, Council Members, and directors. This is the new business of mafia it appears. And while the American prosecutors wanted more proof when I told them all this, the Russians saw the truth and knew a business opportunity when they saw one.

Now, you can know the truth, and the truth will set you free. The real motto of the City of Baldwin Park is not the official one, which states it;s the hub of the San Gabriel Valley. The real motto is that "It [Baldwin Park or California] was Mexican land first."

I figured out the real motto after Carrillo fire the head boxing coach. Carrillo made the boxing club a hostile place for me. His message was that one had to be Mexican to be welcome. There were no other races in the gym or no diversity in the employment.

One of the managers, Michael Salas, even told me, "Hey, why not? It was our Mexican land first." I've thought about that statement over and over again - realizing that's the unofficial motto of this criminal syndicate, but why is it important.

Here's why. The logic goes like this. Since, it was Mexican land first, the Mayor and his men, have every right to steal back the resources from it. No wonder why the City installed a monument in 1993 that read, "This land was Mexican once . . . And will be again." (Article here: Baldwin Park installs controversial monument) Essentially, the message is, we may have lost the Mexican American War, but we'll steal back our land.

And as readers all over the world have been seeing, our justice system will do nothing to prosecute these players or hold them accountable. Essentially, the laws protecting those in public office and administrators act as invincible walls or laws. If the ancient world had invincible physical walls, our laws have created similar but invisible ones. But it's a double edge sword and here's why.

Now, the Russians are looking at this and realizing what they need to do next to win the phase of the Cold War. We're no longer in a hot war, as explained by the Clausewitizean Triangle above. Graham Alison, Harvard expert in national security, predicted doom and gloom with nuclear warfare. Alison, couldn't be more wrong. It's possible, but warfare appears no longer to be a hot war. It's still a cold war.

The reason Mr. Alison and others can't see what's happening is because they can't harmonize a vision with the past and future. Yes, history repeats itself in theme, motive, and results. But, it's never enacted the same way in the future because players and technology change. (What happened in China and Turkey 600-800 years ago is happening now, but it's not happening with swords, guns, and cannons. The game has turned into cold and underground warfare. Same theme. Different enactment.)

The reality is that the Russians are looking to take down the United States economically by robbing the taxpayer bank accounts. And after seeing what Baldwin Park has done, I estimate it'll take them 30 to 50 years to put their own people in place, cheat the votes, and arbitrage the taxpayer bank accounts. And if not them, the Chinese or other foreigners will do it because, as we know now, corruption invites foreigners. And once in power, they'll know that the laws are an invincible aegis for them. And they'll maintain power and control by bribing those in power, and the initial amount of funds to break in, will be treated like the starting cost of doing any kind of business.

So, now you could see how a small change in Baldwin Park has opened up Pandora's Box of educating foreign invaders, in Russia and China, across both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, on how to engage in economic war in the United States.

The solution is the same solution, which was the same solution for Constantine XI and Emperor Jing, whom both failed to implement it. Our system of administering and enforcing justice must be fair and efficient. Just because you're in office or work for government, is no excuse to escape accountability. That way, corruption won't weaken our defenses to the invaders.

And a good starting point would be to prosecute the Mayor, the Council Members, and the Directors of Baldwin Park - while the City of Baldwin Park is on the world's center stage, for all to watch. If the court system could hold public officials and their agents accountable, it'd add the check and balance needed to stop these players from laundering all this money - making it unprofitable to engage in economic arbitrage of our local and national government agencies.

I end by stressing this verse once again: "When the king is concerned with justice, the nation will be strong, but when he is only concerned with money, he will ruin his country." (Proverbs 29:4) I rest my case.

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