Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Open Letter to Texas and California Governors - Take Back Mayor Lozano, Council Member Pacheco, and Council Member Garcia

The Unlawful Mayor Manuel Lozano
Last Known Residence: Brownsville, Texas
Dear Governor Abbott and Governor Brown:

I'm Paul Cook, attorney-activist in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. I understand Governor Abbott, that you took Toyota from California to Texas. And, from what I know too, you tried to get the Sirachi Company from us too. Well, if you're going to take our babies, will you also take our waste bath water too?

California has received Texan waste in the form of three politicians, named Mayor Manuel Lozano, Council Member Raquel "Monica" Garcia, and Ricardo Pacheco. There last known residence was Texas, though it's very possible that they're also all undocumented aliens. Lozano, Garcia, and Pacheco all somehow moved from Texas and became public officials in Baldwin Park, California.

I'm not sure how they did this, as old newspaper archives and database searches reveal that Lozano may have been caught smuggling nearly 500 pounds of marijuana across the Tex-Mex border. Ricardo Pacheco looks like he's an undocumented sex offender in Texas. And, Raquel "Monica" Garcia has a pattern of committing property theft in Texas.

Ricardo Pacheco
Now, the three of them, have tried to seek a temporary and permanent restraining order against a hardworking, local, senior citizen, small business owner in our city named Greg Tuttle to shut him up and punish him for taking part in our democratic process. This is because Tuttle discovered that they were staying at exclusive resorts and engaging in fine dining on other people's money. The topic was covered by the LA Times in an article titled: "Baldwin Park officials lose battle for restraining orders against critics," published March 21, 2016.

I would hope that perhaps, you can take these three back. We can't vote them out because it's looking more and more like they've committed voter fraud in a precinct called 28A of our city. We don't want them, and certainly don't need them, as they are a blight to our city and democracy. Perhaps, you can send a few of your reputable Texas rangers to process them in Texas.

Raquel "Monica" Garcia
In any event, thank you for your time and attention to the matter.


Paul Cook

Visiting Scholar at UCLA School of Law (2015-2016)
Go Bruins!

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