Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Open Letter to Cincinnati's Zoo CEO - Shooting a Gorilla

Gorilla Harambe, Protecting Child Before Getting Shot
The Cincinnati Zoo shot and killed a 17 year old gorilla named Harambi. The parents of a three year old, let a child fall into his pen. The father has been reported as a convicted felon.

After the crowds went hysterical, zoo officials made a decision to shoot the gorilla. Pictures, especially from stories in the United Kingdom, show that the gorilla was protecting and nurturing the child - something that the toddler's own parents seem to have failed to do.

Anyways, once again, it shows the reason why we don't need bureaucrats running our country. The CEO shamelessly self-promotes himself as follows: Thane Maynor is "internationally known for his innovation and dedication to wildlife preservation, research and education." Innovation and dedication to wildlife now means putting a bullet into creatures' heads.

I wrote an open letter to the CEO. (Thanks to ceoemail.com for providing the email address.)

from:Paul Cook pcook.reinvented@gmail.com
date:Tue, May 31, 2016 at 12:33 PM
subject:Re: Outrage at the shooting of the gorilla

Dear Mr. Maynard:

I'm writing to let you know I can't believe you shot that gorilla. Violence isn't the first resort, and now the world's lost a beautiful creature.

Those parents were negligent in letting their child escape into the gorilla's enclosure. I believe whoever is responsible for that decision should resign.

This is really a horrific event, and you and your zoo should be ashamed of itself in failing in its duties to take care of these animals. I question your judgment and competence.


Paul Cook

Even though this has to do with a zoo, a bureaucrat deciding to shoot a gorilla, and parents who can't be responsible for their own children - I think it just goes to show everything wrong with this country. If George Orwell wrote Shooting an Elephant, I really should write an article on Shooting a Gorilla. 

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  1. Suggest you read this, sounds like the Gorilla's behaviour wasn't protective and nurturing, just can look like it to us humans, just like a chimp's "Smile" isn't a sign of friendliness. Had to look up the video and he definitely drags the kid around a little bit. https://www.yahoo.com/news/zookeeper-explains-hard-truth-why-165800355.html