Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dark Secrets - The Tales of GX8

(This is a new series that I'm introducing. This is based on a true story. Remember when I took a break in Cabo San Jose this time around? Spring Break in Cabo)

Well, before I left, I received a cryptic message from someone I knew. The message said, "Meet in Cabo. I have something important to tell you."

I wrote back, "Sure. It'll be good to see you again."

We set up a time and a place.

We were at Hangman Tacos. I ordered a taco called Vampiro, which had melted cheese and fried pork. It tasted wonderful.

We talked about her family. I asked about the different mutual friends we have, you know, as friends do when they catch up.

But the conversation suddenly changed when my friend told me: "I have a secret for you." She (or he), pulled out a flash drive and slid it across the table.

My heart started beating faster. I knew this was important.

Did I really want to know what was on that file? How do I get myself into these predicaments? I thought I was just going to see a friend. I had to know.

"What's in the file?"

"Dark secrets. I don't know how to get it out. But it needs to be released."

"What kind of secrets?"

"We can't talk about it here. I just know that you can help me get it out. Are you going to do it?"

"What?! You're not even telling me what this is all about."

"It's a matter of trust, Paul. Either you trust that this is important or it's not. I have to leave this place soon; I'm being watched and followed. Will you find a way to get it released?"

I don't know why I said it. I wondered over and over again if I'd regret the answer. But without thinking too much, I said, "Yes."

She picked up the flash drive and said, "Show me your palm." She put it in there and said, "It's yours now."

She called for the waiter to bring the check. She paid the bill.

We walked out of the restaurant together. I got a hug. She said, "I gotta go now. I'll be in touch with you."

She called for a taxi. I waited. Then she was gone.

I could feel the flash drive in my pocket. What was this going to be all about?

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