Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Southern Cross Calls - Seeing the World Again

The Constellation: The Southern Cross
I had that yearning in my heart again to see the Southern Cross - the constellation you can only see South of the Equator. I fell in love with the Southern Cross when I lived in Australia and New Zealand, and the spirit of the Southern Cross was calling for me to see her again. (Incidentally, in the North, we have the North Star, the Big Dipper, which you can't see in the South.)

How was I supposed to go? After all, the courts not giving me my attorney's fees has made traveling extraordinarily difficult. But I had to go. I needed a break. I needed to see the world. I had that restless desire prick inside of me, over and over again.

But coincidentally, a great benefactor became interested in my cases against Baldwin Park and asked if I needed anything. I said, "A break."

"And what does that mean?"

"I need to leave Baldwin Park."

"And where would you like to go?"

"South. South to my second home. I'd like to see the Southern Cross."

"And why would you like to see the Southern Cross?"

"In my mind, the wonders of the world are different there. Besides, do you ever feel like, you have a calling? A yearning? Something unexplainable, but you know you're meant to do it? Or have to do it?"

He asked more details about what I'd like to see and do and when. I went into my imaginative mode and told him about my adventures across the seas, and how I almost died of thirst in a Turkish desert or the time I was placed under house arrest by the Russians. He listened, in such a way, that said volumes.

A week later, in my email box, were airplane tickets to my destination. Wow! I thought. I just won the lottery. I'm so grateful to my guardian Benefactor, who watches over my physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

* * * * *
It's hard to breathe here. I walk a few steps up the hill, and my heart races faster, and I have to stop and gulp in more air.

I asked the locals, "Are we at a higher altitude?"

"Of course. It takes foreigners about two weeks to adjust."

* * * * *
So far, I haven't done much. I've slept in, since I've been exhausted by all my litigation. I watched one movie. And I walked around the city.

My favorite sight so far has been this gothic church. If looks so scary, with all these spirals and towers and dark stones. I love it for some reason, even though it makes God feel like he's so far away, up in heaven. So far away from us.

My favorite part of the church is the outside of it. And on the ledge, there are gargoyles, full of monsters and animals protecting the church from evil.

One night, the church didn't close the gate, so at midnight, I went to look at the gargoyles. And the sculptures stirred awe in me. I kept looking at the ugly, bat-demon looking monster. And I liked it.

I told myself, Only if I could climb the church wall. I'd kiss the gargoyle on the top of the head, and it'd come to life and I could take it home. It'd be protect me from evil for life, but after I die, it'd return back to the church and turn to stone again. It'd wait for centuries, until another traveler solved the mystery of turning death into life and life into death.

I just kept looking at it. And it kept looking at me. Sadly, I wasn't able to climb that wall. I don't get to take the gargoyle home. (But I want to). 

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