Monday, August 22, 2016

The Upcoming Trial

Picture on laundering money
On Wednesday August 22, 2016, I'll be going to trial again with the City of Baldwin Park and the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation. Here's what the case is about.

Around January of 2014, we discovered that Manuel Carrillo Jr. the directors of parks and recreation (and also Julian's former boss) was taking in bribe money from local businesses and redistributing it back to himself and most likely to the Mayor and Council Members. One way he was doing it was that he was holding a charity sham event called the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation, where he purchased tens of thousands of dollars of Walmart gift cards. But he apparently now can't figure out where they went.

It was the discovery of the Baldwin Park Community Center that lead to the head boxing coach, Julian Casas being fired. After we outed this scam, the City conducted two police investigations on Julian and me. Then, it hired a private investigation firm to do it. After not discovering anything, because we did nothing, the City fired Julian on an inappropriate relationship with a minor. Julian and I took the teenagers out to eat during their spring break and that got him fired, after working there for 20 years.

It was this case that got me arrested and jailed and strip searched me as well. Then the Mayor filed a temporary restraining order against me, in which he lied through his teeth about my reputation and character. I defeated him and his attorney, regarding the matter. My attorney sued the City, which settled for a generous amount.

Regarding this case, though, the City's been dragging it out for two and a half years. The City filed a number of frivolous motions to delay the case from going to trial. The City was trying to wear me out and make me go away.

In response, I filed an intermediate appeal (appeals are generally filed after the case is over), in which the Court of Appeals stated that the City was running a sham non profit corporation. I was right! And I was telling the world this is exactly what they were doing. The purpose of a sham non profit is to take in illegal money, like from bribes and drug money, and turn it into what looks like legitimate money; hence, the term laundering (or washing) money.

Well, eventually the trial court got tired of all the City's frivolous motions, and set the case for trial. (In an aside, the trial court asked the city attorney and me to agree on a time. The city attorney wanted three months to file an opposition. I said, "No." Then he wanted two months. I still said, "No," and I gave him a month, which was a generous amount of time. Because we couldn't agree, we had to go back in front of the judge, who gave the City only ten court days to respond. Guess, judge wasn't too happy with all the games the City was playing.)

In filing my trial brief, I argued that the City and the BPCCC have violated California's open record law because they won't release records as to where the money went for those Walmart gift cards, and Carrillo won't show deposit slips of money that Carrillo collected in cash. Why not? Because it went missing because he took it.

Carrillo's main argument, after two years and a half, is that he doesn't have any records. He goes on to say that the records may be somewhere else, though.

Then, Carrillo goes on to state you shouldn't believe Julian and Paul anyways, because Julian was fired by the City for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. He goes on to say don't believe Paul, who is 31 and lives with his mother.

That's what the City is paying the City Attorney over half a million dollars a year for to argue.

Well, I did my best job. But, as we've seen in some recent cases, my best is some times not enough to convince the court to intervene.

I think this is a good case to show the brokenness in our justice system. It's not any particular judge, but why should a person who has a good case have to wait two and a half years to go to trial? (I mean, the Court of Appeals was faster than the trial court, right, to get a decision handed down before trial.) Doesn't make sense to me. And I don't think the City should've been allowed to drag out the case for so long, only for them to say at the end of it all: Look - we really don't have any records, after all.

Also, it just goes to show what people in power do when you expose their greed and evil. Instead of admitting the truth, which is that Carrillo doesn't have records because he took the money, he says I don't have the records, but maybe they exist somewhere else. And by the way, the people who exposed me shouldn't be listened to because one may be a potential sexual abuser of children, though we have no proof, and the other one is poor because he still has to live with his mother, who I'm happy to live with.

(As an aside, my mother and I nursed our sick kitty back to health this week, who was at the brink of death. After, he was fully restored to super health and activeness.

There's no better feeling in the world to see a dead loved one come back to life. We had a big celebration for the event.

So, the counselor's royal and purple cat named Trial cheated Death to live with his loved ones for more and many days. My personal belief, since I was a child, is this: Love brings the dead back to life.)

So, we'll see what happens this Wednesday. I don't know what to expect. Win or lose, I feel like we've done our part to shine light in the darkest and foulest regions in Baldwin Park.


  1. Paul, may God bless you as you shine the light of truth to dispel the evil ones that are encamped in Baldwin Park. Please know that a reporter from the local newspaper has been making a lot of calls inquiring into the corruption that pervades City Hall. I believe that your persistence is inspiring others to also be the light.

    1. Thank you. I hope that the reporter has dogged persistence, as the City is clutching onto its secrets.

  2. Do your best for this important case Paul and do not give up! The citizens of Baldwin Park need to get rid of these crooks who are stealing their tax dollars. Carillo needs to be prosecuted ASAP and exposed for what he is: a corrupt thief.

  3. The battles worth fighting are never easy. You saw a wrong and you are doing what you need to do to expose it. I am sorry this fight is dirty but in the end, you will prevail. Keep up the good work. There are many people behind you and cheering you on! You made the right decision here.

    Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds