Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Council Member Ricardo Pacheco Hires Convicted Mayor's Daughter In Exchange for Being Hired

Nina Marie Aguinaga
It appears that Baldwin Park's Council Member, Ricardo Pacheco hired Nine Marie Aguinaga, the daughter of convicted Mayor-Felon of South El Monte, Luis Aguinaga in exchange for being hired by South El Monte. Tit for tat, as they say. Nina was hired as a department assistant. Pacheco was hired as a part time project administrator.

We've discovered that a Helen Hernandez hired Nina. Helen also works for Manny Carrillo, Baldwin Park's Director of Parks and Recreation. No wonder why Pacheco refuses to fire Manny, no matter how much wrong he does. It's because Manny does all of Pacheco's corrupt favors.

Get this, Manny also pays Nina about 80% more than what Julian was getting paid. Julian worked for the City for 20 years at $8.40 an hour, and Manny hires a convicted felon's daughter for almost twice the pay.

Also up on today's agenda: Will Michael Taylor, Baldwin Park's Police Chief get fired? 


  1. Hi Paul, The Lili Hadsell lawsuit against the City, due Pacheco's and Taylor's actions was supposed to go to jury trail on September 6. Do you know if it did? Do you think Taylor's firing has anything to do with the lawsuit?

  2. When are they going to fire that spineless scarecrow in the City Administrator's office? If I were him I would start sending put my resume. With Pacheco on the ropes, there is no one there to protect him.