Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thoughts This Week - On Letting Things Go

Bad lighting in this photo
Two big events happened this week: The Baldwin Park Chief of Police got fired, finally, and I saw Lyle, one of the boxers, this week. Of the two events, seeing Lyle was more important.

I haven't seen Lyle since May; we just fell out of touch. Then, while I was filing the massive amounts of papers at home, Lyle came by out of nowhere.

I took him to the German Bier Garden in downtown, Los Angeles. I bought him a mango, jalapeƱo sausage. I had a duck sausage myself. I ordered up some Belgium fries with truffle oil, and we sat outside.

Outside, as we talked about our summers, I saw the sun set behind the Los Angeles skyline. The dying sun flared the sky with colors of pinks and purples, and I realized, although I was raised in Los Angele, I never ate, while watching an LA sunset.

Our waiter was some runaway, from San Francisco. He told us about how he ran away from home and wanted to be an actor in Los Angeles. I think he got embarrassed by telling us too much, so early.

I told Lyle about my summer. He told me about his.

It was nice sharing the hidden elements of my life with someone, especially when I haven't seen him in so long. I think, it was the first time, I told someone that when I was on the Galapagos, I learned to just let things go.

He said it was good I went away.

I smiled.

I told him that I was going on sabbatical, after explaining what a sabbatical was first.

He said, "Wait, what about all the other bad people left in Baldwin Park?"

I said, "Hmmm... I guess I might have to stay longer, then." Satisfying thoughts came to mind.

Then, he smiled.

Then Lyle surprised me and told me he took my advice. He saved up his money and bought a professional camera. I told him to do this, because I noticed he really loved taking photos with his cell phone. So, I suggested he learn photography.

We talked about all he learned, until the sky faded from purple into a midnight blue. The people started rolling in, and I saw friends chatter about what was happening in their lives. (We already did that.)

As we walked out, I said, "Lyle, guess we beat crowds. Next time, we'll get some pie and coffee next door."

"For sure," he said.

As I write this, I think to myself: Who knows what next week will bring? I've had a lot happen since the Galapagos up until now. 

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