Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Bully of Baldwin Park - Ricardo Pacheco

Ricardo Pacheco in a jumpsuit
According to, a bully - Boo l ee - is "a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people." Does Council Member Ricardo Pacheco qualify?

Over the last few days, Ricardo Pacheco has ordered city employees to fine people who have signs, which accuse him of corruption. On Sunday, there was a truck that displayed such a sign, and even though he was not authorized to, he attempted to tow the truck away. But without the authority to do so, he could not.

Let's not forget that Pacheco also attempted to sue a small business owner, Greg Tuttle, for a temporary restraining order because Tuttle was attempting to find out what Pacheco was doing with corporations in Santa Barbara. Pacheco spent $52,000 of city money to file this lawsuit. How that money relates to city business is still in question.

If that's not enough, Pacheco, Lozano, and Garcia have made a decision right before Thanksgiving (hoping that no one would discover it) to put a halt to an investigation into Pacheco's misconduct. Specifically, Council Woman Cruz Baca has accused Pacheco of assaulting her. Lozano halts investigation of Pacheco

Just so that we're clear: Pacheco is a heavy man, who is shoving and shouting at a woman. Citizens are wondering why the investigation was halted, because if he did nothing wrong, what's there to hide.

Steady reports are also coming in that Pacheco has threatened to put people out of business for displaying the signs that accuse him of corruption.

Pacheco's behavior reminds me, of a child who is out of control. We've all seen one. The child doesn't get his way, he starts kicking and screaming at others. Well, it seems like unfortunately, Mr. Pacheco has not grown out of this phase. The sad part is that when people behave like this on other's people's money and with the police force, they tend to amplify the harm that could be done to others.

Mr. Pacheco, if you or your friends are reading this, I have to repeat what the judge has already told you. It's time for you to grow up and move on. The majority of people in the City don't know you, and I think that's good thing, because if they did, they wouldn't like you. And the only reason you were elected again as that I'm convinced that you cheated the absentee vote.

You have to accept the truth: People don't want you representing them and don't appreciate the harm that you're doing to us now. You're a shame for us all and an example of what the worst of the human spirit looks like.

We know that without your title or position, you'll be washed up and have nothing left. Perhaps, in that period you can reflect on all the harm you've done and mature. To avoid ugliness for all of us, we'd hope that you would step down quietly. But knowing you, you probably want to leave in the most unpleasant of ways. 

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