Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disease of Baldwin Park Corruption Spreads East to San Bernardino with Taylor and Tafoya - a Case Study

Tafoya forcing HR Director to Hand over keys
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So two of Baldwin Park's notorious characters, Chief of Police - Michael Taylor and City Attorney Richard Tafoya aka Robert Tafoya aka Robert Nacionales-Tafoya, spread the disease of corruption East to San Bernardino. (Doesn't anyone find it interesting, that Tafoya, who wrote up Taylor's incredible employment contract in Baldwin Park, Taylor's incredible employment contract in Baldwin Park, also gets hired by the Water Board, where Taylor just won a seat?) This is a case study to show how the corruption cycle starts and continues. (As I've wrote: our democratic systems are in crisis.)

After Taylor's election to the West Valley Water District, Taylor hires Tafoya - who then begins to fire the whistleblowers. Taylor lost the election two years ago. But after being able to receive funding from a number of sketchy players (list soon to come), he was able to win an election.

The corrupt have to fire honest people immediately, because they are a threat and a challenge to the corrupt's will to steal public resources. In this case, Taylor and the board and Tafoya fired the employees, who were complaining about the stealing of such funds, such as when Michael Taylor was using a fire hydrant this summer to operate a slip and slide. You can read the excellent article here, titled: Shake-up at Rialto-based water district leads to firing, suspensions amid misconduct allegations.

This is the modus operandi of Taylor and Tafoya. Remember how these two colluded to fire Julian, all because he choose to speak the truth about getting paid $8.40 an hour by Manuel Carrillo for twenty years. These two, along with the Mayor, also arrested and jailed and strip searched me. Unfortunately for them, the City lost the lawsuit against me and paid $67,500 to my attorney.

In a corrupt system, truth and honesty and the exposure of it all is the greatest threat. That's why in Baldwin Park - Council Member Ricardo Pacheco illegally fought to keep out signs that accused of Pacheco being corrupt.

Hence, one of the first steps that the corrupt must establish right away is to get rid of people who tell the truth. And that's the sad story playing out again in San Bernardino. (As an aside,I don't think it's an accident, the two most vocal people against the malfeasance of the waterboard funds were women. A PhD expert told me at UCLA Law once that women officers were shown to speak out against corruption in a police force more often than men.)

The second step will be to create a system where records will not be created, nor available.

The third step will then be to devise a number of ways to launder money, e.g. fake invoices, nonprofit corporations, and outrageous perks. This is how the corrupt steal public funds.

The fourth step will be to raise the water rates (or taxes in the case of other local agencies.)

And so it continues, until the public gets fed up with it.

That's the lifecycle explained.

In my view, currently, our system has enacted too many laws and regulations in favor of the corrupt. Hence, at the present time, there's no way to solve this problem - except by making other people aware of what's happening and what will happen.

It's a sad day for the residents that under the authority of the West Water Valley District.

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