Saturday, December 16, 2017

From Lima, Peru to Bogota, Colombia

Me at the Lima Art Cafe
At my last day in Lima, I went to their main art museum; when I stayed in Lima the first time, I actually stayed in French mansion near the museum. But I was in no mood then to see it, then; I was really grumpy and unhappy - probably because the weather was also bad then. Now, I wanted to go.

From Cusco, Peru - I caught a flight that took an hour and a half into Lima. I stayed with a local in Lima. The airlines served me peanuts and instant coffee. I stayed there before, but this time, I had a better time. I was more awake and more alert.

I told the family all about my travels in the South - from Arequipa to Machu Picchu. They enjoyed hearing about my travels. I brought them a bottle of my favorite South American wine, and we drank and chatted through the night.

The next day, I went to the art museum. I had a good time exploring and looking at everything. (Scroll below to see my favorite pieces and my commentary on why I liked them.)

I had a terrible time with the public transportation in Lima. It reminded me how stressful it would be to live in Lima - with people pushing you and touching you and blocking you from getting a seat. I hated it. A guard and I at the Metro station got into an argument too. Public transportation in Lima is stressful.

From Lima, I booked a cheap flight to Bogota, Colombia for only $140 USD. But, be careful! I don't necessarily recommend Viva Colombia. They're very predatory - and they tried to charge me for a ticket out of Colombia - thankfully I already bought a ticket out of Colombia. And, they try to charge you for extra baggage, and if you don't have a boarding pass, they'll charge you $30.

I got into an argument with a lady in Bogota, later with Viva Colombia. (But on that later.) We're still in Lima - in this part of the story. It took 3 hours to get into Colombia, but I arrived late. There was no public transportation available.

Thankfully, I met a kind couple - who I didn't know. She asked her papa to take me to my host's place. And that was it. I was done with Peru. I've been there five months; it's probably the third longest place I've stayed in my life for an uninterrupted time. First is Los Angeles. Second is Wellington, New Zealand. Third, is now Peru.

Enjoy my art photos. P.

Even though this is an ancient piece - pre-Colombian,
the artist seemed to have a sense of humor with the monkey.

This dragon monster is holding an
offering cup; it's about the size of an index finger,
but the details of it are extraordinary. 

Traditional shawl covering, no longer in use
I like this painting, because it depicts everyday life.
The two groups are carrying their cocks to a cock fight.
I appreciate that the artist chose to photograph an indigenous person.
Most photographs were taken only for the wealthy class. 
There's something interesting about this ID photo.
Notice the number of it.
It's hard to tell the class of the subject for me. 
This is the hallmark piece of the museum. It's the capturing of
Atahualpa in Cajarmca. He was the last Incan King.
This painting is so large, when you look at it, you feel like you're
a witness to the capture.
This is supposed to be a representation of Madonna.
Never seen an indigenous version of her.
This is one of my two favorite paintings of the museum.
It's theme is equality. You can see a black girl, an Indian girl,
and a white boy all playing cards. Note the women and the
minority have their faces showing, while the boy's identity is obscured.
It's a typical European painting, but I found the subject, and light, and skill extraordinary.
I really like this modern painting. It's one of my two favorites.
The artist died very young but potentially was one of the best
art students in Lima. 
This was painted in water, around 1800. It's rare
to see black people in art, during this time.

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