Monday, October 8, 2018

Lozano offers to buy votes for $50 each

Manuel Lozano, looking nervous,
as he was sued in court
On October 4, 2014, Mayor Manuel Lozano's political consultant and candidate for city clerk, Jean Ayala, offered to buy votes for $50 a pop. FoxNews broke the story. Lozano, Ayala and his team are now alleging that Danny Damian hacked her account. Nonetheless, the story confirms long standing rumors that Lozano engages in voting fraud.

Back in November of 2015, the Legal Lens ran a statistical analysis that strongly suggested voting fraud. Back then, Lozano appeared to be rigging the election through absentee votes, in which 774 votes were casted only for him. In that election, there was a historical number of voter turn out of 27%. This is consistent with Ayala's alleged scandal, in which clearly stated that the $50 to be paid is for voters to vote only for her and Lozano. At $50 a pop, the cost of rigging such an election could cost up to $38,700. This is an amount that's been alleged he collects for his campaigning.

In November 2017, the Legal Lens analyzed more irregularities from the 2015 election, which shows a highly likelihood of voter fraud by absentee votes.

Witnesses have alleged that members of Lozano's party have been caught engaging in voter fraud. For instance, a number of witnesses have seen Lozano's family members filing out absentee votes for disabled or unconscious patients at nursing homes.

Other witnesses have seen Lozano's brother, known as Junior, collecting absentee votes. Another vote harvester was caught near the Telacu apartments getting and filling out Chinese votes.

Back in August 27, 1998, the LA Times ran article - where the city clerk suspected Lozano of voting fraud.

The trend of voting fraud in working class Hispanic cities is becoming more blatant. Other cities that have had voting fraud discovered include the City of Bell, Vernon, and the City of Industry.

I emailed Lozano asking for a comment on the story. I also asked him if the allegations are true, how much time he and Ayala should serve in prison. Lozano did not comment for this story.

Desperate to not have his cash cow of being Mayor taken away, all I can say, is he's at it again.

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