Sunday, October 7, 2018

The miserable condition of the American economy

Classic image of inflation
I left for 15 months, after coming home, the most apparent American problem is the escalating prices; it appears almost everything has jumped up 10% to 20%. Whoever said inflation is at 2% a year is wrong!

To make things worse, in California, Governor Jerry Brown, also known as Moonbeam, raised gas taxes. Now we have the most expensive gasoline in America.

Food is up. Although a friend disagrees, it also seems like the quality of it is also worse (but maybe that's also because I came back from France). This is all terrible.

Now, unconstitutionally, the US Supreme Court says we need to pay out of state taxes for internet bought items. But according to their own originalist logic - shouldn't we honor the Founding Father's intent of different states offering different benefits - like lower taxes?

And the government keeps telling us the solution is to tax us more. Do they know what they're talking about? Most of my generation is already trapped in student debt too. We're truly becoming "les miserables" (the miserable).

On a local municipal level, in Baldwin Park, even Manny Carrillo decided to raise the city boxing membership 10%, but he collects the cash and doesn't tell us where it goes. He won't provide for an accounting. He may now be collecting an illegal 2.5% credit card fee.

If it wasn't for my family and friends and pets, I wouldn't be here. The real solution is to prosecute corruption; tax the 1%; fix the pension crisis; and prohibit government loans, except in emergencies.

But since those solutions aren't coming anytime soon, my personal solution to the problem is twofold. I'm going to be doing the minimal amount of work I need to to survive; so, I won't pay my government that much taxes. You buy less; you also pay less sales tax too, right? Can't suck blood from a stone. I'm also going to start investing in anti-government assets, but I'll let you figure out what those are.

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