Monday, September 24, 2018

Baldwin Park Police Chief tries to sneak through an extra million dollars for retirement

Michael Taylor, BP Chief of Police
(Trying to show off his "good" side)
Fearing a new city council with the upcoming local elections, Baldwin Park Police Chief, Michael Taylor, tries to sneak through a contract that would guarantee him about an extra million dollars in retirement. Does the alcoholic, underperforming, bankruptee police chief ever stop with his schemes?

At the last two special council meetings, Taylor demanded a $50,000 raise; another week or two in vacation time, which would push his vacation time to be around 2 months, and a clause where he could only be fired for committing a felony - such as grand theft, murder, or pedophilia. According to the LA Times, no one has ever heard of this type of contract for a police chief.

Taylor and his wife could be retiring at an extra million. This is because, if he retires for 20 years, at an additional $50,000 - that comes out to a million dollars. In 2016, according to, the average salary of an individual in Baldwin Park is about $18,000 - meaning that almost 50% of the residents live around the poverty line. Taylor persists to ask for huge raises, even after he fired a boxing coach for complaining that a forty cent an hour raise was not enough for working for the City for 20 years.

Taylor was fired in September 2016. After being rehired though, he's been the center of a number of corruption scandals in East San Gabriel Valley and in his hometown of Rialto. Besides the Grand Jury reporting that Taylor impounded cars illegally for $11.3 million, Taylor accepted drug money to run for public office at the West Valley Water Board. Although about $10,000 was accepted, evidence points to it being more.. In exchange, it appears that Taylor granted a convicted felon a marijuana license.

The bankruptee Taylor also cost the City of Baldwin Park even more by condoning First Amendment retaliation. In my case, after ordering me strip searched, Taylor cost the City of Baldwin Park $68,500 and cost Baldwin Park even more by code enforcing Greg Tuttle by putting up critical signs of Ricardo Pacheco. It appears, in Baldwin Park - the more corrupt acts you commit, like Taylor, the bigger your paycheck becomes.

Witnesses have seen Taylor's personal problems seep into his professional life. It's been reported that Taylor drinks up to 22 beers a night and then not report into work the next day. Divorce records confirm his rampant alcoholism. The bankruptee's spending sprees on city money are notorious, including the purchase of furniture that cannot be found. In other words, some the furniture purchased is not on site.

Was actual furniture purchased, or were the furniture invoices doctored? The Baldwin Park's former HR Director and other anonymous witnesses have alleged that Taylor sexually advanced on them inappropriately. (Them too.) My source that told me about the former police chief's daughter being caught with narcotics with a strange man at a hotel, allegedly originated with Taylor - who pushed for the publication of this story. (Later, he instigated the police department to vote "no confidence" for the former police chief. Sounds like Iago from Othello to me.)

I've emailed Taylor, asking him to confirm or deny the kinds of new benefits he's pursuing with his new contract. (His previous felony-clause-contract was approved by Mayor Lozano and Council Members Ricardo Pacheco and Monica Garcia.) I've also asked why he thinks his pay (including benefits) should total $300,000, when a Police Chief of Los Angeles gets paid $300,000 to $350,000. A Los Angeles police chief serves 4 million residents with 9,000 officers and 3,000 civilian officers. In contrast, Baldwin Park has officially 80,000 residents and about 80 full time officers. Taylor has refused to comment on the matter, even though tax payers will be paying him millions in retirement.

Doesn't this remind anyone of the City of Bell?

"Men should be what they seem." But in Taylor's case, as long as he remains chief, the Baldwin Park residents have a deceptive, morally and financially bankrupt public servant, who is a cancerous problem for us all.

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  1. Greg is a scum bag he left yellow cab the drivers high and dry he closed the company and took off with all of the money he owed the driver he owes 50 drives a bond total of $110,000 and the about another $125,000 in fare money to the driver we the drivers of yellow cab r independent contractor and we won’t are money Greg needs jail time and one day I hope he gets it