Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting the Holy Rosary

A woman of faith gave me a holy artifact.  I wasn't going to share this story, but my friends liked it so much, here it is.

This story happen on my third day of Germany.  To give you some context, this is when and where the story happened: Goettingen

* * *

I felt that something supernatural happened in Goettingen, where I met Volker.  (Why is it that magical items and supernatural events seem to happen to me on my long travels?) On our last night there, Volker, his friend, and I ate at a Greek restaurant, ran by Greeks - who were German nationals.  I figured they were Orthodox, which is a different strand of Catholicism.

I asked the waiter if he had a Bible.  I needed to know how to say a Greek phrase from the New Testament, which is the latter part of the Bible.  He took me to a Catholic shrine, which had rosaries, but no Bible.

Instead, I took out a piece of paper and wrote, "Plousiouv en Pistei."

I asked him, "How do you say this in Greek?"

The Greek mother came out and looked at the piece of paper.

The mother told me it's pronounced, "Blue-she-o in piss-tai."

She then asked me what this was about.

I explained - that it was the name of my non-profit, and I don't know how to pronounce it.

She asked, what kind of company this was?

When I explained I provided legal service for the poor, she exclaimed, "Oh!  It makes sense!  Oh!  What a beautiful thing."

She gave me a big hug.  She gave Volker a big hug.  She gave Volker's friend a big hug.

She went on to explain how powerful the words "Plousiouv en Pistei" are in the Greek. 

She said it has two meanings.  Not only does it mean that you're wealthy in faith.  It also means that you have genuine faith or rich faith.

She explained how she tries to be wealthy in faith everyday. 

Then she pulled out rare monastic beads made of a Greek cedar.  She gave me the holy artifact.  It smelled like fresh wood.  She said, "May God protect and bless you on your journey with this."

She gave us all a hug again.  The colder Germans in my party felt so blessed too by this hug, and they knew that there was something understood between this Greek owner and my firm being formed.

Not that I'm Catholic or superstitious, but now I believed at this point, I had three magical items.  I had a Swiss watch that froze evil spells in time.  My mother and roommate gave it to me for one of my birthdays.  I had my grandfather's dog tags from World War II.  It's supposed to protect me from physical harm.  Now, I had the holy rosary.  The European demons flee when they're near it.

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