Monday, March 16, 2015

The Director of Parks and Recreation Retaliates Against Me (Again)

Today, Manuel Carrillo Jr. retaliated against me again.

This happened right after I reminded my boxers to not be a cheater like him. Letter to My Boxers on Cheating Carrillo has been upset with me ever since I've outed him for laundering money.

Carrillo kicked me out of the gym again. This happened after a young, poor Hispanic college graduate came into the gym, 10 minutes before closing time. The college graduate, who I never met before (but was a friend of another boxer) was asking me how to get into law school. So, I started telling him the best strategies for admission.

Although he was in the gym for awhile, only after an employee named Kevin stopped him talking to me did Kevin tell us that Carrillo said that there were no guests allowed in the gym. Hey - wait - there's no policy that says that. And how come I always say the Zepeda bringing in guests, who are not paying members. How come other boxers can't do so? So, Carrillo evicted the college graduate and myself.

I asked to see a supervisor. All the staff said there was no supervisor on site. Since we know the City's reputation for being honest, was that even true?

The graduate asked aptly, "Hey, wait isn't this a community center? Doesn't feel that communal to me."

I had that taste of being rejected again. There's really only two policies Carrillo has 1) Carrillo must be obeyed, even if the orders are illegal, and 2) if you have any type of relationship with me - then Carrillo will attack you, regardless if its illegal or not. Let's remember, he's supposed to be the Director of Community Services.

Carrillo has a sordid past. He's most upset with me because I outed him as a Money Launderer. Carrillo is a Money Launderer. That's why we had to sue him for not releasing records for his sham non-profit. Boxers Sue Manny Carrillo.

He's history of retaliation is well known. Carrillo retaliated against the head boxing coach, Julian Casas, for complaining that he was making minimum wage. We complained that Carrillo shouldn't make $200,000 a year. So, he fired Julian and accused him of an inappropriate relationship with a minor. Carrillo Suspends Head Boxing Coach. Let's not forget he called five officers and had me arrested at the park (the traditional place to conduct free speech) for booing him.

His hiring practices have been suspect. Carrillo replaced the fired coach with a criminal. Carrillo hires criminal

Furthermore, he has a history of racial and sexual discrimination. He fired a qualified African American woman, Myra Smith, because he doesn't like blacks. (There is not a single black person in his staff.) He's also not happy that we've sued him because he won't release records from his sham non-profit. Boxers Sue Carrillo For Not Releasing Records He also fired Julian because we took the high school students to a Jewish Passover on our free time (not city time). Is it that Carrillo is also anti-Semitic too? There also used to be a LGBT employee that Carrillo would target and demand back massages from. That's not right to discriminate against someone for their sexual orientation. 

But, as of recently, Carrillo has been engaging in First Amendment retaliation. He evicted the journalists and boxing college kids and myself (who is a paying member) from the gym. (Perhaps he doesn't care for the youth obtaining a higher education.) Baldwin Park Middle Management Have a Ferocious Sense of Entitlement 

No wonder why former President Truman said, “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

I don't get why we're paying this man $200,000 for turning our boxing club into mean and spiteful place. The guest is right: this is a community center. Are we paying him for his fashion sense?

Anyways, I just wanted to tell my readers that this is just so old. I'm a citizen of the city, a resident, and a paying member of the boxing gym. Does Carrillo (who doesn't live here), really have the right to do this? Doesn't someone who get paid $200,000 a year have something else better to do than focus all his time on annoying one individual in this city? Is it really worth putting up with all of this just to try to help a college graduate from a poor minority background get into a good law school

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