Friday, May 29, 2015

Is the Attorney General Investigating Parks and Recreation Director, Manuel Carrillo Jr.?

Manuel Carrillo Jr. aka Manuel Carrillo
Baldwin Park's Parks and Recreation Director
President of the Baldwin Park Community
Center Corporation
Is the Attorney General of the State of California is investigating Manuel Carrillo Jr. (aka Manuel Carrillo), the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Baldwin Park and the President of the non-profit corporation the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation (BPCCC)? Multiples sources have said yes.

At the core of the allegation is that Carrillo has been laundering money through the BPCCC by running a sham event called the Santa Clothes Program. At that event, over $20,000 of gift cards would be purchased at Walmart. A few children would receive some. And the rest of those gift cards, tens of thousands of dollars worth, cannot be accounted for.

When I asked for him to account for the monies, he provided me a sham list of over 600 children. Many of the names have been confirmed to be non-existent, meaning those kids didn't exist.

Other problems with accounting is that Mr. Carrillo cannot account for any of the money he's collected for the children's recreation program, which includes boxing, swimming, and judo. In fact, whenever I asked for an accounting, I get back deposit slips with no identification number or bank stamps.

The question is, who really took that money? That's the children's money and the money of their poor working class parents.

A report came out by the auditors that warned Carrillo of his poor policy and practices. Carrillo is now claiming he has never seen this audit or report - though it was on file.

Shortly after outing Carrillo in this alleged scandal, the heading boxing coach, who was my friend, was fired on charges of an "inappropriate relationship" with a minor. The minor in question was never interviewed. No hearing was provided. After working there for 17 years, he was given a raise from $8.40 an hour to $8.80 an hour; then suspended and fired. Even before the alleged event during Easter, records show that Mr. Carrillo was trying to fire the head boxing coach for at least four or five months.

Also, after outing Carrillo's scam, the Baldwin Park Police, under Lt. Mark Harvey's direction, were ordered to arrest and jail and strip search me at a city event.

On a number of occasions, complaints were filed with the City Council Member to investigate Carrillo. The two Council Members who supported Carrillo as a wonderful Parks and Recreation Director was Raquel Monica Garcia (aka Monica Garcia) and Ricardo Pacheco. The Mayor also found him to be wonderful. They also showed their "appreciation" when they gave him a $40,000 raise in one year - on taxpayer money.

On a personal note, every time I confronted Carrillo about his unethical behavior, he would immediately call up Mr. Pacheco. I know because Pacheco told me to stop confronting Carrillo about such behavior.

Now, that the commissioners are concerned with Carrillo's practices, ethics, and standards, Carrillo has asked Pacheco to kick off the commissioners because he's tired of them asking him questions. Furthermore, there has been no evidence provided that Carrillo has complied with his ethics training.

It's also come to light that the Chief Executive Officer of the City, Shannon Yauchtzee, has allegedly aided and abetted Carrillo in returning political favors by turning the city park into a storage dump for human waste. Write about that early next week.

I was reading a book of wisdom today. It stated that a government is strong when it is concerned with justice. A government ruins the people with its greed.

The City has been trying to hide from us that Carrillo is under investigation. Certainly, the public has the right to know if one of its directors has been involved in foul play. But as we know, the Mayor and his men are in the habit of covering up the truth.

I can only hope that with her civil and criminal prosecutorial powers, the Honorable Attorney General prosecutes Carrillo to the fullest extent of the law possible. It's what the people need to rebuild our city.

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