Monday, May 4, 2015

City Clerk, Kristi Russell Lies to Me

City Clerk, Kristi Russell, lied to me today. After coming back from Mexico, I got a new software program. I asked her what time my public records act viewing was this week. At 9:48, she sends me an email that I have 12 minutes to go to City Hall to view my records.

She lied to me. It wasn't for today. My viewing was for tomorrow.

I thought, Hey - wait up, there's no way I'd book a viewing right after coming home.

Notice, she only gave me about 10 minutes to get to City Hall to put pressure on me. If this was an honest mistake, she should've at least told me first thing in the morning. But nope - this is how dirty this City is.

So, I look up the email and it says, "Thank You, I will let staff know that [May 5 - which is tomorrow] is good for you."

What Kristi Russell was trying to do was take advantage of the fact that I lost this email, which wasn't the case. Then, by me missing my appointment - she would've said that I'm wasting Baldwin Park's time with records viewing. The City Attorney did this to me once.

I asked for an explanation and of course, Russell lied again and said that she had made a mistake.

I wrote to her: "I remind you there is a God in Heaven and he sees everything you say and do. Listen to your conscience first."

She wrote back, "Do not get personal with me."

My response, "If it was an honest mistake, you wouldn't be upset. But your reaction shows me you lied."

This is so old and tiring. This City is always trying to take advantage of people by lying. I'd like to remind the readers that this is our local government. This City has lost all trust with its people.

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