Friday, May 22, 2015

Mayor of Palm Springs - Like Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano - Investigated by the FPPC

When the true person comes out of the closet it isn't pretty
Recently, I've been flooded with new corruption stories and also new cases. I feel like I can't keep up on a regular basis by writing on everything.

When I first started my investigation on Baldwin Park, it was hard to find a story to write every week because people weren't talking. Now, it seems like I have one every two or three days, and I can't keep up.

Exactly like the Mayor of Baldwin Park, the Mayor of Palm Springs is being investigated for the SECOND time by the Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC). Mayor Lozano is being investigated by the FPPC for the second time. That story is written about here: Did the Mayor Lie to Us Again?

Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park
The purpose of transparent campaign filings are for the people to know who is giving money to these politicians. Hence, we the voters, know if the votes of our public officials are potentially being bought.

These two politicians, and I suspect even more, are getting a benefit from people by voting a certain way. So, they don't disclose who is funding them.

I bring up this story so that you see the pattern. How is that a Mayor in Los Angeles County is doing the same thing as a Mayor in Palm Springs? They all know how to hide the truth from us. And this isn't the first time that they're doing this. This is the second, which also tells you how broken our system is. How many times can they get away with this? They won't stop, unless the punishment is worse than the benefit.

And when the Mayor only pays $200 for not disclosing his lavish trip, of course he has every incentive to take another one. Wouldn't you take another great international, luxury trip for a cost of $200?

We need change.

FPPC to investigate Mayor Pougnet

Eloise Mohsin filed complaint, received response from Fair Political Practice Commission

Natalie Brunell, KESQ News Channel 3 & CBS Local 2 Reporter,
Patrick Edgell, Digital Content Director,

Palm Springs, CA - News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 received a letter Thursday afternoon from Eloise Mohsin, a former candidate for Palm Springs City Council.

Mohsin sent us a response from the Fair Political Practices Commission, or the FPPC. It clearly states the agency's enforcement division has initiated an investigation into Mohsin's complaint.
We spoke with Mohsin on the phone and she said her complaint claimed Pougnet failed to properly disclose his business relationship with private developer Richard Meaney.
The letter is dated May 19, and it states the mayor has received a copy of the letter as well.
This is the second complaint filed by Mohsin against Mayor Pougnet's recent affairs. The first was filed in April and the FPPC responded by saying it lacked enough evidence to warrant an investigation.
Mohsin refiled with evidence which she says supports her case.
News Channel 3's Natalie Brunell has been looking into this case closely and we'll deliver more details as soon as they're available.
You can read the original story: Here

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