Tuesday, June 30, 2015

From Honolulu to Tokyo

I took the midnight train from the Tokyo airport to my hostel. The summer rain is falling on Tokyo now, hiding it in a mystifying fog. I haven't been to East Asia in 10 years.

I had less than five hours of sleep. So, I'm going to take it easy today. Perhaps, I'll go to downtown, read a book, and eat some Japanese food.

In Honolulu, I had to take care of some errands. The California Supreme Court called me and said it accepted filing but wanted an extra copy of the petition. Now, remember that little small claims case with the Mayor and me. If you don't here's the link: Mayors can file TROs illegally. I petitioned the Court of Appeals to review it. When they said no, I went to work and put together the Supreme Court Petition. That's the last stop. After that, can't do anything about.

In any event, the odds aren't very high the Court will grant review. It was good practice anyways to learn how to file a Supreme Court Petition for Review, nonetheless. And even then, the 7 justices of our Supreme Court can now know what kind of mayor we have, what kind of city attorney we have, and what kind of City Baldwin Park is. Exposure is always good.

In Honolulu, I bought clothes that were 50% off. It's the first time I bought any clothes in a year.

I also ate some poki, which is raw fish cooked in lime, ate over rice. It tasted decent. But everything in Honolulu is 30% more than it is in Los Angeles. So, for instance, a $3 coffee is $4 there.

I got my apple charger too. That's good. 

My host, an owner and captain of a ship, took me to the airport. 

I flew business class from Honolulu to Tokyo. I put some pictures of the nice drinks and food they gave me. I had guava juice and champagne. I also had raw surf clams in miso sauce for my appetizer. In fact, they gave me a four course meal, raw surf clams, udon soup and seaweed salad, BBQ pork, and sweet potato Japanese pie. All of it tasted exquisite.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do in Tokyo. After getting out of the airport, I took the midnight train to my hostel. What I noticed was that the train was full of men in worn suits coming back from work. It was midnight, not 6 pm or 7 pm. They all looked haggard and miserable. Tomorrow, they'll wake up again in the morning and being work again until midnight. I wondered how their family lives are if they work so many hours. 

I was on the train for an hour. I had a map. I was able to make my way to my hostel. Once my host welcomed me in, I paid. Then, I took a quick shower. 

I tried to sleep, but because of some jet lag and the lingering stress from getting lost a few times in the street, it took probably 30 minutes to fall asleep. There was so much on my mind. 

Petition for Review Against Mayor Lozano

Brand New Business Lounge, One of the First Guests

Guava Juice and Champagne (I had two)

Raw clams in miso sauce with red wine (my favorite meal on the plane.)

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