Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Letter to my Boxers - Reminder to be Grateful

Dear Boxers,

I haven't written in awhile, but it's always good to be reminded, as I had to remind myself today, to be grateful. Gratefulness makes you well, and wellness makes others generous. And generosity heals relationships.

I was moved by the story of a Sargent in the City of Bell, who stood against the corrupt Chief of Police, Randy G. Adams. The nameless Chief, only goes by the initials of J. J took a risk of going against the Chief, and jeopardized his career, because he believed and trusted the complaints filed by the citizens of Bell.

Although he didn't have to, he acknowledged the hard work of those who endured and persevered. The memorable thank you was not taken as a final one, but as a motivation to serve in greater capacities of safeguarding the freedom and rights of the free people. One can only gain greater professionalism with a focused attitude, determination, and the right attitude of gratefulness.

Therefore, it's important to remember, if a notable Sargent could extend such gratitude, we should remember those who serve us every day, such as our parents, our coaches, and all those whose work would otherwise remain invisible.

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