Thursday, September 24, 2015

Who really is Manny Carrillo?

Manuel Carrillo Jr. aka Manuel Carrillo
Baldwin Park's Director of Parks and Recreation
Who is he really?
The Legal Lens brings you a new series titled - Identity Disorders. Manuel Carrillo Jr. aka Manuel Carrillo (and more aliases) has been representing to the citizens of Baldwin Park that he's a native of Southern California. In fact, in his biography - he mentions it twice. Manuel Carrillo Jr biography

The truth about this man is that he's from El Paso, Texas. How do I know? I ordered up his yearbook picture from El Paso's Andress High School. (His yearbook picture is posted below.)

Now, why would people not tell you the truth about where they're from? When people are not telling the truth about their past, it usually means that there is something to hide. To prove one instance of this, I'd like to take you back to my public records act case.

We know that Manuel Carrillo hired a criminal once to work with children. Manuel Carrillo hires violent criminal Well how about if I tell you it's not the first time he did so.

Regarding the public records act case, one of the items the city refuses to disclose is the background check of a former lifeguard who went by Robert Hernandez aka Robert Garcia. Coincidentally, her mother was the former Council Member Marlen Garcia. Manuel Carrillo Jr. hired this lifeguard without the appropriate qualifications, and it looks like once again that he may have hired a criminal. And that's the reason the city won't release records.

The circumstantial evidence shows that Robert Hernandez also went by Victor Hernandez in Texas. Because the source states that not all of the criminal records can be verified to be completely accurate, this blog discloses that there can be some room for doubt on the identities. One thing is certain, the picture of Victor Hernandez matches that of Robert Hernandez. He also goes by the alias of Marlon Garcia; isn't that similar to her mother's name: Marlen Garcia.

So, if Mr. Carrillo hired Victor Hernandez, he once again jeopardized the safety of our children, paid Mr. Hernandez well, all because he was the son of a council member. Let's not forget, this is the same Carrillo who gave a boxing coach a 40 cent raise after working there for 17 years, and then fired him for complaining about it.

Here's what Hernandez did. According to the records, Victor Hernandez sexually assaulted a 25 year old in Texas. Hey, isn't that where Manuel Carrillo Jr. is from? Well, as they say, birds of a feather, flock together. (More to come on the real Manuel Carrillo.)

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