Monday, September 7, 2015

Mayor and Council Members Censoring the Truth?

Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park
After publishing my story on how the council approved a $120,000 contract to a known vendor - who has been accused of bribery, the local paper the San Gabriel Valley Tribune printed the story today. The online version can be read here: HERE

In the City of Baldwin Park, a witness has seen a man going to all the stores and vending machines the paper is sold at and purchasing or taking them all. We believe the man is motivated and asked by the city council members and mayor to do so.

The government's intent to hide the truth from the people has been historically seen. Hitler burned books, literature, and art, which were critical of his regime. No wonder our own Los Angeles' Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451, a novel which imagines a government that bans the reading of all books and burns any literature confiscated.

The Mayor and Council Members don't want the people to know the truth, which is also evidenced by them violating court orders to release records, which still have not been produced. Now, they've resorted to their version of book burning. 

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