Monday, September 19, 2016

Why is a Baldwin Park Council Member Officially an Employee for the City of South El Monte?

Baldwin Park Council Member Ricardo Pacheco
This week, it's been discovered that Baldwin Park's Council Member Ricardo Pacheco has been on the City of South El Monte's payroll, working in public works. According to sources, former Mayor of South El Monte, Luis Aguinaga, whose been convicted of bribery, and disgraced former City Manager, Anthony Ybarra, gave Pacheco the job. One of the council members didn't even know that this was happening, and it explained to him why Pacheco was always around South El Monte's City Hall. No resume was submitted for the job.

Pacheco has played this game before. The LA Times reported in March 31, 2003, Pacheco was the Director of Public Works for the City of South Gate, another city with reputation for rampant corruption. He resigned immediately, with close to a $100,000 severance pay. According to the article, Pacheco harmed the financial condition of the City of South Gate by taking such a huge severance pay.

Earlier, it's been discovered that Baldwin Park's Parks and Recreation Director, Manuel Carrillo was also spotted on Montebello's payroll as well.

Pacheco has been revealing another technique in money laundering. Either he gets put on other public agency's payroll, or he gets on the payroll of contractors awarded bids by the City.

The buddhist monk, Bodhidharma once said, "The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion."


  1. Could Pacheco's job with South El Monte be a case of tit for tat? Doesn't Luis Aguinaga's daughter work for Baldwin Park?

  2. That's correct, her name is Nina M. Aguinaga

    1. PS: Baldwin Park pays the El Monte School District tens of thousands of dollars for "lunches" during the summer. Never could figure that one out too.

  3. Hey Paul,

    Did you know that Chief Michael Taylor is being fired?

  4. Yes, I heard. The Council's already picked out some captain from Lynwood to take his place, and that Captain makes $330,000 apparently a year, already.

  5. Hopefully the captain professionalizes the Police Department. From what I can tell BPPD is filled with misfits that couldn't get hired by other departments... fat, dimwitted, lazy, bullies, and alcoholics.