Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trekking to Kas

I hiked 36 km (22.5 m) from my small fishing village and then hitchhiked the last 30 km (19 m) to Kas (pronounced "cash").  I was disappointed in myself that I didn't finish the 66 km (41.2 m) hike in a day.  I had 19 miles left to go.

After hiking up the mountain in the hottest part of the day, which this time was only 90 F (32 C) and not the 104 F (40 C) like on my last hike, I found my way into a small farming village of 100 people.  To detour a bit, it helped greatly that the temperature wasn't so hot, like the time I almost dehydrated.

I asked someone how much further to Kas and when he said 30 km, I realized that I wouldn't make it to Kas by nightfall.  It was already 4:30 pm, and it'd be at least another 5 hours to walk that distance.  The sun sets at 8:30 pm, and the estimated time of arrival would be 9:30 pm.  I'd have no light for the last hour.  That would mean I'd be lost on the trail, which I didn't want to happen again.  (I knew I should have started my hike earlier, but no, someone had to really enjoy his Turkish breakfast and savor the moment.  That someone was me.)

I stood by the road and stuck out my thumb.  It wasn't a very well traveled road; so, it took about an hour to find a ride.  A delivery truck took us through the mountains into the seaside town.  The whole way, I was upset at myself that I didn't walk the extra 19 miles.  I could've used the exercise.  But when the sun sets, it's a different problem for a traveler alone on the road.  You can walk 10 miles in the mountain without seeing a soul.  And like I said, if you get off the track, you certainly can die because no one will find you.

The first thing I noticed about Kas is that you had to go all the way up the mountain and then down it because Kas laid at the very bottom near the sea.  It was a small city carved into a deep valley, which had steep mountains for walls.  It's sandwiched into rock and water.  (To be honest, it's beautiful location  but it's probably a stupid decision made by the ancients.  A military force would certainly be able to take advantage of the height and pin the garrison against the ocean.)

Kas is very touristy.  Though some said it's better than my small fishing village, I disagree.  I don't feel the peaceful solitude as I did a few days before.

The up side is that my hostel is by the ocean at the top of a high rise.  It has an open canopy and the view of the town, ocean and Mosque are amazing.  There's a Greek island, maybe I'll go to that only 3 miles away from here.  I'll get a a Greek stamp in my passport.

I met a French guy at the hostel yesterday.  We shared travel destinations.  He raved about Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Argentina, and Chile.  I've been to none of those places.  So, time to go.  I've been to Europe six times in the last five years.  As I told my friend, perhaps no more Europe.  I'm Europed out.  That's more than once per year on average.

He also raved about Istanbul.  He said it was an incredible city, which I've heard over and over again.  In any event, I'm making my way there, eventually.

In Kas, I talk to all the cats.  Some like me.  Some don't.  I found a really ugly one that had a squashed face and was a bluish grey with ice blue eyes.  I pet it and it laid on his back for me to scratch his stomach.  I wanted it!  Too bad it already had a red collar and a chain collar.  Why did it need two?  It was so ugly with it's squashed up face that it was adorable too.  I wish I could've taken it home.

Anyways, I'll go see the Greek amphitheater, which is  where the ancient Greeks held their plays.  I have to make my way into the Butterfly Valley next.

I finished watching Season 4 of the Game of Thrones.  I'm 50% through my book.  I'm excited to select the next one.  People have been emailing me candidates.  So feel free to email me your top book selection if you read something that's changed your life in the last few years.

Where the cats roam in Kas.

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