Monday, July 28, 2014

The Mayor of Baldwin Park Files a Restraining Order Against Me

Today, I received notice that Mayor Manuel Lozano will file a temporary restraining order against me.  The emergency hearing will be held tomorrow in downtown, Los Angeles.  His claim is that I threatened him, though at the moment, they're not telling me what I actually said.

The real reason for this restraining order is to chill my speech, organizing and investigation.  There's no doubt that they'll request that I not be allowed into City Hall to do record inspections.  I'll not be allowed into the boxing program at the parks.  I'll not be allowed to attend City Council meetings so I can speak out against the corruption of the city.  To my international readers, keep in mind that this is all happening in America, in a small Californian city in Los Angeles County.

I just ask my readers one question.  Is everything that the City Officials and Administrators do against the boxers a legitimate use of their power or are they abusing it?

They fired Julian Casas, the head boxing coach, on trumped charges without a hearing, after working there for 14 years because he complained that a 40 cent raise wasn't good enough.  The Director received a $40,000 pay increase in one year.  Then, they got five police officers escorting me out of the boxing gym for wearing sandals because I wanted to say hi to my friends.  Then, I was arrested and jailed for booing the Director of Parks and Recreation twice, saying he stole money from our community, and passing out articles at the parks and recreation.  Now, they've used the court process to attempt to issue a restraining order against me on trumped up charges that I threatened the Mayor.

The jailers asked me if I got paid for my work in exposing these people.  I answered, "No."  They were surprised.  The question is why do I do this and go through all this.

Because I have learned a great truth: Resist evil.

Update: Mayor Loses Case


  1. I really hope smthng is done about this. U sjld definitely contact the news media n try to get this story out there.

  2. The article made the front page twice on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.